Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last Week's Events

We survived the week but are glad to have daddy home! Our biggest news is that Landry made it through Mom's Day Out and ate well for the ladies feeding her. We live maybe 2.5 minutes from the church and she fell asleep both times on the way home!! She didn't sleep well there, but that is what I expected because there was way too much going on for her to check out.

I also started taking Jake to Gymboree play classes and he loves it! There is much to do and friends to play with. It is also next to my one of my favorite places: the Moppet Shoppe! The only down side is it is a long drive over to Shreveport and we had 5 o'clock traffic to contend with on the way home....but we will continue so that we can have that mommy and me time!!!

Yesterday we went to the Boardwalk and I let Jake play in the water fountains. He LOVED it and tired him out just before his nap. Landry enjoyed watching him and is growing up so fast!! She is currently eating 3 jars of baby food a day(1 at each breakfast, lunch, and dinner feeding), along with 4 ounces of formula after that. She will eat around 6-8 ounces of formula before she goes to bed. Her favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots with squash coming in second. I tried peas last week and she got sick shortly thereafter. It may have been coincidence, but the dr told me to lay off of them for a month(!) so we will see. I plan to try green beans this week.

I also took the children to the pool last night at Palmetto(our country club) and Landry did well in the take along swing for awhile and Jake was content jumping to me from the side of the pool. When she got fussy, I just pulled in the pool with us and she was fine again. I got a "your brave comment" and figured I would take Jake to the pool if I had just one child, so I can't penalize him for Landry being so young. So we survived the pool trip and are waiting for Landry to wake up for her nap so we can go again!!

Next Friday Jake and I are flying to Pensacola to meet my parents and we are so excited. Last year was not very fun as Jake couldn't sit up or anything at the beach and he just did not enjoy himself. This year he LOVES the water and I cannot wait to take him!!!

Playing around before church last Sunday
Landry Grace all dressed up!
Jake thought it would be nice to give Landry a turn with the ball
Jake takes a break from the back yard pool to take a drink

I caught Jake putting his John Deer hat on his sister. It was a hilarious moment!


Lora said...

The "Sunglasses & Drink Pic" JAKE IS TOO COOL!