Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jake the Snake

I must mention 2 things that have happened with my sweet Jacob as of late that deem worthy of posting! First, I met Elizabeth and her son Ben at Chick-fil-a yesterday. Ben is 21 months old and Jake almost 18 months. They can almost maneuver on the indoor playground but not quite. I saw both Ben and Jake start climbing up the stairs while I was feeding Landry and Elizabeth went after them when they realized how high they were. Ben went on to something else on ground level while MY child made it back up the stairs and then proceeded to explore the tunnels that would eventually lead him to the slide. Now I know that some 18 month-olds may know how to get down, but I knew that it would only be a matter of time before my precious child would realize just how high up he was and start crying. I told Elizabeth that if I got stuck in the toy car, it would be worth blogging about. Good thing he did come back to the top of the stairs before crying, so I didn't have to climb too far. Next time me may have to avoid the whole playground.....yeah right!

My next story involves meal time. My sweet boy is an animal when it comes to food....he was a hard feeder when it came to introducing first foods, Landry has actually been easier as an eater, but he came around. At breakfast this morning, he saw me pull the bacon out of the fridge and he was dancing back and forth saying OOOOOOOOH!!!! He started crying when he saw I had to warm it up, and when I pulled the bacon out of the microwave he RAN to his high chair waiting for me to put him in it. I also gave him some pancakes, not to worry. He just makes a huge mess out of the syrup, so we are about to be done with those. I experience this every mealtime...his expression is hilarious, just thought I would share it with you!

He has also started waving HI to everyone and I praise him for being so nice. He then claps for himself. I am sure that anyone who has children knows what I am taking about. What would we do for entertainment without them??????


Lora said...

We NEED a picture of that bacon-loving face! I once had to climb into the tunnels at BK to rescue my Grand. IT WAS QUITE A SIGHT!

Jules said...

Suzanne- You have such a beautiful family! I can truthfully say that I have gotten stuck in most of the indoor playgrounds and one outdoor playscape tunnel when Will was younger. It's a humbling experience!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

He sounds entertaining! Love the blog.