Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hey hey, I'm back! These last 3 weeks were spent (trying) to fast from the Internet. For the most part, I did ok. Our church was taking part in a 21 day fast, and since I'd already drastically changed my diet for this Body Back program, I gave up something else.

So, we've been up to lots. Busy during the week and playing on the weekends. I've also started my marathon training for Boston(April 16 is the race) so needless to say I'm in bed most nights by 8:30. I'll post pictures from New Years to current shortly, but thought I'd share these family pictures that Kevin Beasley took in December. They turned out great due to the fact that it was damp and COLD. Landry Grace was a trooper in her short sleeve dress. These are pics of the actual pictures so they aren't of great quality. Disclaimer:I do not plan to reproduce them in any way, shape, or form.

Hope your January is off to a great start!