Monday, September 26, 2011

We're Going to DW!

The doorbell rang shortly after the kids got home. Mickey and Minnie greeted them with this letter. We have the video but the cutest comments came after the news sunk in. LG immediately put on her Ariel costume and has NO plans of taking it off So precious! They are thrilled!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet Pirate Jake

This little guy has absolutely NO idea that in less than 48 hours he'll be in a real pirate costume at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World!! I'm sorry, I cannot contain my excitement:)!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yay for Fall!

What a great weekend it's been. The weather helps out greatly and it's nice to have cooler temps again. Last night we took the kids to see Dolphin Tale at the movies. It's a true story but that's all I knew. Worth seeing...excellent! Yes, I know it's PG but I didn't find anything inappropriate. This morning we went to Landon and Kennedy's pirate and mermaid party. Katie did an AWESOME job! I didn't bring my camera so I took these off Facebook. My kids are still in pirate mode from this morning. We've already had 2 more treasure hunts. Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring On Fall!

This weekend was cool enough to inspire me to get into my flower beds. I got rid of my spring flowers and am taking a chance with mums this year. The ones pictured are going to be red, hopefully! We are showing off our Tech pride in the picture below. LG decided to pose for me since she had her uniform on. Anyone need an 18 month old cheerleader outfit? I keep telling her it's time to put it away. Someone please come and get it!

Wal-Mart had pumpkins out on Friday so we stocked up. I think it creates a festive look and minimal upkeep.
Jake was at karate during these pics and Landry Grace has now learned to drive the tractor. Watch out!
Happy Fall y'all!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots to Post!

I try to get better at posting more often, but there just isn't enough time in the day. Another week has come and gone. Our only free evening during the week is on Thursday. So I love Thursdays! I also enjoy the kids busy schedules as they seem to enjoy being "on the go".

Last week we did some cane pole fishing at Lincoln Parish Park. Oh how we love that place! Jake has been asking to go fishing for a while, so last Sunday I loaded the kids up along with Big Mama. We actually caught about 6 fish and had a really good time out there. Thank goodness Mom was there....I just couldn't bring myself to get the fish off the hook. Geez! She also cooked the fish with Jake and he loved it, but wouldn't eat them. Go figure that Landry Grace, my picky eater, liked them.

Landry Grace also started ballet on Monday and this year says she isn't going to miss a class so that she can get the goody bag at the end of the year. I figured she wouldn't catch on to that last year, but I was wrong! Glad she has a goal:). And there are some sweet friends in her class so that makes the year even more fun.

This past week at Jake's school were spent learning the 5 senses. On Friday I joined him as they visited different classrooms to test their senses and enjoy some activities. I learned that Jake loves licorice. Ewww:)!! He has a really sweet class and has made some good friends. That's always good for a mama's heart. Another fun thing we did was to bring green cupcakes in the shape of a circle(of course cupcakes are circles as well) for snack that Friday. His class was working on circles and the color green last week. I could have made these myself but ran outta time:(. If I do this more often then baking will occur. Fun idea though.

Friday afternoon we went the Tech Bookstore to buy Tech gear for Matt. We hadn't been there since Barnes and Noble took over a year ago. I was extremely impressed. We also picked up some matching outfits for the kids since they were too cute to pass up:)! The game started out great last night but we lost by a point to the University of Houston. It was a tough loss! Landry Grace's favorite thing to do was give our seat neighbor's little girl a lot of attention. She has a fascination with babies going on right now. It's pretty cute! Jake got lost twice last night which about sent me into orbit. We've got some issues to work out there as he has got to understand not to run off. I figure it's too late to put a harness on an almost 5 year old....

And we are now into SINGLE DIGIT days until Disney! Woohoo!!! We've kept this secret for 200 days and are almost there!!!!! Right now I'm brainstorming ideas on just how to tell them. Our flight now leaves at 5:45 am(we chose this. The earlier we get there, the better!). So I'm thinking we'll tell them at dinner the night before we leave. But then will they sleep? I won't! Fun times ahead.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Boston Marathon. The most coveted marathon in the world and for many it's a lofty goal. By the grace of God I qualified for the race on my first attempt at a marathon. I've only run 3 races of 26.2 miles, but there is truly no other race that can compare. The history that comes with the Boston Marathon along with the patrons that line the path from Hopkinton and the other 12 cities that you run through en route to Boston is absolutely incredible! The volunteers, fans, runners, race officials, and Bostonians that come together on the third Monday of every April is every bit of the word: AMAZING.

With that being said, I registered for my second Boston today. Registration rules are strict and this year the BAA(Boston Athletic Association) changed all the rules since the race filled in a record 8 hours last year. At that time, it was a first come first serve basis as long as you met the qualifying standards. This years ruling is allowing those who ran fastest register first. I totally agree with that but you will always have people who complain! Monday's registration was for those who ran 20 minutes or faster than their qualifying time. Today, those that ran 10 minutes or faster were allowed to register. I fell into this category. My previous marathon time was 3:27:55 and my age group standard is 3:40:59. 5 minutes or faster get to register Friday and then if any spots are left(which I think there will be), then those persons will register on Monday. I believe that there are an estimated 25,000 spots available.

Matt is looking forward to coming with me this year. He's never been to Boston so it should be a lot of run hanging out and seeing the sites. I'm looking forward to being a part of such a great
race that's full of history and honor.

P.S. I have no idea why the format of this post went crazy on me.

2012 Boston Marathon

Friday, September 9, 2011

This and That

Really, not too much is going on right now....We are settling into our school routine and loving this weather. "Loving the weather" is an understatement but for those of you in the South, you know what I mean! We went from 85 degree mornings to 55 degree mornings. Wow! That means the evenings are pleasant and we can do more outdoor activities in the yard and neighborhood. Jake is still enjoying swimming and karate. Landry Grace starts ballet on Monday and is thrilled about it this year. Not sure if she is excited about the dancing or the lollipops they hand out when class is over. Seriously, that is the reason she gave me when I asked her if she wanted to dance or gymnastics. Silly girl. Just a couple of pictures from this week. They are out of order...

Jake hitting some golf balls in the yard with Daddy.
Today was Grandparent's Day at school so Big D came over to take Jake to school. FYI: My mom was in a bike accident 3 weeks ago and broke her collar bone. She had surgery on it yesterday and the Dr. put a plate in. Please pray that she RESTS and that her shoulder heals correctly. My mother is a GO-GETTER(yes, she even WALKED to the hospital yesterday morning......enough said), and patience for my dad. I love them both dearly.
Landry Grace got another hair cut. Ms. Amy did a great job. She was so proud that her hair looked more like mine after the cut and insisted on NOT wearing a bow to school today. Yes, I obliged!
We went over to hang out with the Halls' for a bit and I caught this cute picture of Kennedy. She is so darn cute!
Landry Grace hardly stopped long enough for a shot and I gave up on the boys. Again, we are LOVING this cooler weather!! Notice that by the end of today I just couldn't stand her hair in her face any longer. Talked her into the bow:)
And since the high school gets out much later(1 hour) than the elementary schools here, we were able to attend the RHS pep rally this afternoon. This was really good entertainment for them and ,of course, they were excited about seeing Camille there.
And their favorite cheerleader/babysitter, Chandler, performed at the pep rally, so that was definitely LG's highlight!

May you have a great weekend and enjoy your time with family.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Latest

Not too much to report here. The tropical storm/hurricane ruined my girls Labor Day trip to Orange Beach but I'm currently watching Toy Story 3 with the fam and would not want to be anywhere else. We've been busy with school and after school activities. Jake is at the age where he wants to do EVERYTHING. I'm all about it but there's got to be some limit! Above is a picture from his first swim team practice. We decided to wait another year with Landry Grace. She's just not ready for that much independence in the water. Hope you have a great weekend!