Sunday, April 29, 2012

What in the World!

So I haven't blogged in a month. I thought I'd get on here quickly and download some pics and do a little update. But, oh my word, the entire blogger format has changed. Has yours? Took me a while how to figure out the photo I've already spent too much time:).

OK, so it's been too long for me to try and play catch up with pics and posts. Over the past month we've visited several places, including Las Vegas for Jarrett and Stephanie's wedding. While we were there, we decided to head to Beverly Hills and Hollywood since I'd never been. We dined at the Beverly Hill's Polo Lounge, which was pretty amazing. Then we did the TMZ tour that day. Totally wish we'd dine the Hollywood homes tour. Next time!

We made it home on a Monday and then took the kids down to New Orleans on Thursday to see the Broadway musical, "The Lion King". Both Matt and I had seen the show in NYC, but vowed to take the kids( when we had some). So last November we bit the bullet and splurged on the tickets. They had a great time! The next  day we made a trip to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets before heading back home.

 A week later we were off to Boston for my marathon. Matt had never been to B-town and we made the most of it. We toured the city for 2 days straight and even made a Red Sox game. It was a lot of fun! As for the race, the conditions were less than ideal. It was almost 80 degrees at the start( when I did Boston 3 years ago, the temps were in the 40's...perfect!), but I was determined to go out strong and do so until I couldn't go anymore. Well, that came at about mile 17. The heat was brutal, and hitting every fire hydrant and water stop was no good. I did walk about 3 times(which I HATE admitting, but it's the truth!) and then at mile 23 I decided enough was enough. No more walking...I had to finish. So I did in a time of 3:39. The crowds were still incredible and YES, I'll do it again. Not next year, but again. A huge THANKS goes to my running partners, Mike and Kennedy. They were there 4 days a week to help me train. No way could I have finished the training plan without them. I appreciate them more than they'll ever know! Me and Mike are pretty sure that our next marathon will be St. Jude's which is Dec. 1. Anyone else doing it?? Registration opens Tuesday and sells out every year.

Since returning home from our whirlwind trips, we have been busy with soccer ending and t-ball beginning, yard work(who knew I'd love working in my yard so much!!), Matt umpiring lots of high school baseball games and working in the hay fields, and gearing up for SUMMER! Landry Grace has her dance recital in early June and just after that we are headed to Sea World in San Antonio with GiGi. I'm going to try and be better about reading your blogs and keeping up with mine!

Here are the pics and they are very much out of order and not like I downloaded them:(. This new format has me all confused!
At mile 13 in Boston....I wasn't feeling this chipper but knew my photo was being taken...
Took this today during their rest time. They have their arguments, but they really are best friends. 
Ahh, love love this pic! Can't believe I am registering my baby for kindergarten next week! Tear.....
He is loving some t-ball!! Very serious about it:). 
This one needs no caption. 

I love this one due to the fact that Baby Sister is in the dirt behind Jake. She could've played t-ball but told me she'd rather be the cheerleader. So that she is. 
Typical night at our house. Landry Grace was on her 25th outfit change of the night. 
At Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Ready for some beignets! 
First taxi ride and headed to see the Lion King!
We stopped in Baton Rouge on the way home to meet Jake and Landry Grace's newest cousin, Leyton.  Brent and Laura had her in September and she is the cutest, most adorable baby girl!
And last but not least, this was taken this morning on our way to church. We love some red and blue at our house. Go Dawgs!