Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had our family picture/Christmas card session yesterday and this was by far the best my children had ever done for pictures. It's safe to say this one will probably not make the cut, but it was the proof she e-mailed me and the rest I cannot save. If you would like to check them out, http://www.sherryowensphotography.com/ep_home.asp?WebsiteID=1386&EventProjectID=12189&IF=1click here and the password is Suzanne.
I am so enjoying my week off with the babies. We have had some fun and are looking forward to 3 more week days.
Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Latest

Life has been in the way of our blog and it has been a while since my last update. Halloween has come and gone. I am pretty sure most of you are on Facebook and saw them dressed up as Caesar and Cleopatra. When we were out in Vegas last May and staying at Caesar's Palace, I saw the costumes in the gift shop and from there my idea for them to be Caesar and Cleopatra was born. Numbered are the days where I can pick out ideas for them. Both of the babies are pretty strong willed so I am biding the time before their choice will win out over mine!
Last week was filled with fun events, starting with GiGi treating us to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tickets last Sunday in Bossier. Jake loved it...Landry Grace didn't sit still for very long! Jake is my tv watcher(bad parent, I know) while LGT could really care less about what is on the tube. She is very active...hence her 22 pound 35 inch lean figure! This week we had a play date after MDO on Thursday and played with the Hall kiddos and James kiddos. They had a blast playing together at our house. On Friday we went to the Tech game and let the kids play at First Friday(the first Friday of every month our church has free child care from 6-10:30). At halftime the Dawgs were getting beat pretty badly and so we left the game around 8:30, went to get a bite to eat, and then headed to get the babies. When we got there, the Dawgs were making a comeback against Boise State and Jake was telling Matt that he wanted to go to the game. So we went back to the game and within 15 minutes they were SACKED OUT! Made for a pretty cute picture.

So other than that we are just enjoying the fall. We love in a pretty wooded area so leaves are EVERYWHERE! It's beautiful but upkeep of the property is a necessity! As of September 15ish I have not run at all. I needed a break emotionally from it when LGT was in the midst of her hair pulling and I just couldn't handle training for a marathon at the time. So now almost 8 weeks later I have found myself enjoying the sleeping in but now realizing it is time to hit the pavement once again. My 2 running partners that are running White Rock in December are hoping to qualify for Boston(which is April 19). I qualified with my time at last year's Boston, so if they run a time of 3:40 or better at White Rock my plan is to train with them for that marathon. Last week I started a boot camp at Tech. It starts at 5am and is on M/W/F. There are over 40 women in the class and it is a pretty good workout. I am still missing my cardio and hoping to start back up soon. That is all for now. Hope all is going well this fall season and I will try to post sooner than later.

GiGi with Jake and Landry Grace before heading into Playhouse Disney

Landon Hall, Ava James, and Jake playing

Landry Grace and Kennedy Hall hanging out together
Landry showing off before heading to First Friday
And my favorite.....sacked out. Notice Jake hasn't let go of his popcorn. Enough said!