Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our latest issue....

Things around the Tyler household are going well, but there are always things that go on that weigh heavy on our heart. The latest issue being our 20 month old pulling her hair OUT. It started about 3 weeks ago when we moved and Mrs. Dorothy got FOUR new kids(12 total and one adult) in one week. Add to this that I started back to work around this time as well. She pulls her hair out mainly when she is frustrated or tired. This past week she is almost bawled on top and it breaks my heart to see her take out her frustration on this way. She is also not going to her Sunday school class with ease anymore and that upsets me to see her screaming when I drop her off. But their are some teachers who love her in the baby room and they come down to take care of her until she settles down(Thank you Glovers' and Lee Ann!). Jake was just moved to the 2 year old class so I assuming she is just not used to him not being there. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is HUGE. For that reason I am having a hard time being back at work. They are in good hands, but of course we as moms think and know that no one can do it better than us. SO please pray for us as we continue this transition. I am at a new school this year that is in town and only 3-4 minutes from home and the work load is more, but I absolutely love who I am working with so that the good part about it!

This picture was taken about 3 1/2 weeks ago.....excuse the messiness but you can see she had a lot of hair on her head.
Below are pictures I took this morning before church. I pulled a few strands from the crown of her head in order to put a bow in it. And my M-I-L thought this hair absence was due to her pulling bows out of her hair. She has been pulling bows out of her hair since she was old enough to crawl! It isn't that. She is just having some aggravation issues I suppose:(

But they both still looked as cute as ever and Landry was all dolled up in an outfit I found for her at the Kool Kids consignment sale at the Civic Center this weekend. Have a great week!
We are planning on attending the Auburn-LaTech game this upcoming weekend. We have decided to leave Landry Grace with our parents and just take Jake. Looking forward to that and if you are going to be there please let us know! We would love to connect!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pics of the house-FINALLY!

Sorry it has been too long since I have posted! We still don't have our phone line connected and therefore don't have Internet. I only have my iPhone to make comments and check blogs, so I'm sorry if I haven't been faithful lately about reading all of my just takes too long to check everyones blog on my phone. Currently I am at my parent's house and downloading pictures since I can't wait any longer:). I have tried to put these pictures in order, but mom's laptop won't let me move they are NOT in order and I did put a before picture of the kitchen and den built-ins for those of you who need a refresher picture.
This is our living room....without any decorations put up, that will come later.

Here is a picture of our lot to the left of the house...Matt has a little "man cave" in the back if you can see it. It is behind a tree in this picture. To the left of this picture is a rope swing that crosses the creek. We LOVE this lot! It is on 0.97 acre...lots of room to explore and play

Jake's airplane room....everything turned out SOOOOO cute. Thanks GG! Just need a few things for the due to time!
Landry Grace's room....we didn't buy anything but a toy box and some panels I found on sale at Fabulous Fabric. She will get a big girl bed in about a year, so we figured there was no point in buying anything new. Oh! I forgot she is getting a new dresser should be in in about 4 more weeks. Yes, I will move the diaper genie away from the toy box.....nothing is in its place!
Our carport and side of the house
Newly renovated it! The counter tops turned out great!! and Cissy did a great job on the back splash! Excuse the minor mess....we are still settling in.
Built-ins in den minus Matt's TV...we are waiting for the stand to come in...don't ask. Not sure what it is with men and their TV's....he would say the same thing about me and kid's clothes. We also added the new french doors to the room.
Front of the house again...I just love it.
Before built-ins and old color on the walls
Old kitchen

I would love to write more and talk about all that has been going on, but this took forever to upload and I want to go play with my babies. So bye for now! Hope you've enjoyed the pictures

Friday, August 7, 2009

Moving Day is HERE!

Well the day has arrived! We are moving into our "new to us" house today. It is hard to believe we have come full circle in one short year. This move is our THIRD in that time......first a move to my parent's house last August, then to our current house in October, and now into a house we hope to fill with faith, love, and laughter. Looking forward to the many memories we will make in this home. Gotta start loading up the boxes and promise to post pictures relatively soon!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture Time Again

Amidst all the headaches of redoing a house, I decided last week to have the babies pictures taken:).....nice. I have used Sherry Owens in the past and she did our Christmas cards last year. She is super reasonable and very easy to work with. Plus QUICK! I had their pictures taken yesterday morning and it was more than comical to see my children at a photo shoot. I have YET to get a picture of my children with both of them ware that when I do get a "perfect" picture, there will be a wall size copy of it in my house. SERIOUSLY! Yet yesterday was not to be the perfect picture moment. LGT did not wake up until almost 8 and the pictures were scheduled for 8:30. She screamed pretty much the entire session. I really couldn't believe Sherry got as many as she did without Landry sobbing! All in all I was pleased....thought I would share my story with you. If you feel so led, you can view the proofs at Sherry's website. Enter your e-mail and the password is suzanne.

The house is coming along. The granite was installed today and the den built-ins are coming tomorrow. Matt is taking Friday off so hopefully we will get all of our stuff moved between now and Friday. Will post pictures soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some New House Pics

I really have nothing new to post...sorry! We have been busy getting the house ready and are now starting to pack our current home into boxes. The rain delayed us this weekend, which is good because the counter tops and built-ins in the living room have yet to be installed. Plus, the guy who bought the house from us did not have a tenant for this month, so he is letting us rent an extra week from him. PLUS, we may have our lot sold out in Creek's Edge. 2 couples are wanting it sooooo hopefully there will be a good outcome there. Below are some current pictures of the house in progress. All the painting is done! That was a major undertaking but Matt's buddy Lance graciously gave up the last 4 weekends and drove over from Shreveport to help us finish.....we owe him SO much!

Below is LGT's room with her new toy box.
Our the blue I picked out! It looks really good and we have a brown and cream comforter that Matt surprised me with( yes, I had picked it out but he went back and got it).

Den....both sets of french doors will be replaced this week. One of them had water damage so we just decided to replace both of them. To the far right will be the new built-ins.
The kitchen with a few new things added to them. Starting to really like the color after all! Crown molding will be added this week. SCROLL DOWN and look at the before pictures of the kitchen! I love the outcome!
Jake's room
We have already taken down Jake's crib and converted it to his big boy bed. I am still playing around with where to put the bed. We tried every's a small room and I think he will get the most space with the bed where it is currently. He also has a dresser and hutch to put in the room so we'll see. We had to go and get a new box spring and mattress and his new bedding(thanks SOOOO much GG!!) has been ordered and hopefully will be here by week's end....but until we move in he will be sleeping with us as his he has no bed. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition when we move into the house, but I am not thinking it will be.............
That is it for now.