Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pics of the house-FINALLY!

Sorry it has been too long since I have posted! We still don't have our phone line connected and therefore don't have Internet. I only have my iPhone to make comments and check blogs, so I'm sorry if I haven't been faithful lately about reading all of my just takes too long to check everyones blog on my phone. Currently I am at my parent's house and downloading pictures since I can't wait any longer:). I have tried to put these pictures in order, but mom's laptop won't let me move they are NOT in order and I did put a before picture of the kitchen and den built-ins for those of you who need a refresher picture.
This is our living room....without any decorations put up, that will come later.

Here is a picture of our lot to the left of the house...Matt has a little "man cave" in the back if you can see it. It is behind a tree in this picture. To the left of this picture is a rope swing that crosses the creek. We LOVE this lot! It is on 0.97 acre...lots of room to explore and play

Jake's airplane room....everything turned out SOOOOO cute. Thanks GG! Just need a few things for the due to time!
Landry Grace's room....we didn't buy anything but a toy box and some panels I found on sale at Fabulous Fabric. She will get a big girl bed in about a year, so we figured there was no point in buying anything new. Oh! I forgot she is getting a new dresser should be in in about 4 more weeks. Yes, I will move the diaper genie away from the toy box.....nothing is in its place!
Our carport and side of the house
Newly renovated it! The counter tops turned out great!! and Cissy did a great job on the back splash! Excuse the minor mess....we are still settling in.
Built-ins in den minus Matt's TV...we are waiting for the stand to come in...don't ask. Not sure what it is with men and their TV's....he would say the same thing about me and kid's clothes. We also added the new french doors to the room.
Front of the house again...I just love it.
Before built-ins and old color on the walls
Old kitchen

I would love to write more and talk about all that has been going on, but this took forever to upload and I want to go play with my babies. So bye for now! Hope you've enjoyed the pictures


Shelley (Cole) Parker said...


I love the house--especially the LOCATION! My favorite is your new kitchen...I know you were thinking maybe your cabinets weren't distressed enough, but I LOVE them. I have the really dark wood and it gets dreary...would love something LIGHTER! Anyway, everything looks great. Congrats :0

Ryan said...

Love it! I'm so jealous of all that space and land! It looks great!

Kristin Stuart said...

Everything looks so good. I know you are glad to be in!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

The house is beautiful! I LOVE the kitchen!

Lorena G. Sims said...

You have a pretty house

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the house and the black and white bedding is GREAT.

Jessica Stephenson said...

Everything looks great!