Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Things!

We are finally starting to get some projects completed around our house, this one being window treatments. I started back in the summer picking out fabrics here and there. When I finally came to a decision, I was still second guessing myself. So I gave David Hedgepeth a call since I knew he would do a good job. He helped me pick out 2 fabrics(I originally had 4 picked out and he said that would have been too much) and then he did the rest. The kitchen valance was installed on Friday and I think it really adds so much to the area. Fun stuff and I wanted to share!
Don't forget to read the Halloween post below. I posted twice today.

Ah....I know the carpet looks horrible. Please don't judge:)!

Halloween and More!

The last two days have been filled with activity and fun. I never would have imagined that the kids would love the State Fair as much as they did. We got there around 10:30(they both fell asleep on the way over to Shreveport so that bought us some more time at the fair) and did not leave until 4. Everything from the livestock to the safari to the rides. They loved it all. When we first got there, Landry Grace exclaimed, " Disney World!". Not hardly, sweetheart. But they had a great time nonetheless!
In front of the pumpkin before we left and then below on one of the small roller coasters. All smiles.
Then we ran into their twin cousins, Kyleigh and Kaleb that afternoon. Jake just loves them!
Last night we headed to Nancy and Trotter Hunt's for a Halloween block party. There were at least 20 families in attendance but there was a lot of room and things to do. The kids had a blast in the alligator jumpee and in the backyard. We trick or treated on a trailer with a bunch of kids and then went off in a small group to trick or treat a little more. This was the first year for my kids to do this...they LOVED it! It was so much fun to see them bolt from house to house(with some safety precautions in there). These are the days, they really are!
Landry loves Woody. Whomever is dressed up as him. Last night it was Brooks Brown. She said, "I love Woody".
Some of the crew from the block party. It was a fun group.
With the Hall family setting out for round 2. Sorry it is out of focus....hate that!
There was a witch passing out candy so we saw this as a photo op.
Headed to our church's Fall Festival tonight. These costumes are ready for retirement!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Week!!

We have had a fun week with Halloween festivities. Monday afternoon we carved a pumpkin for the first time and the kids thought it was the best activity ever. They have loved lighting the pumpkin in the evening and watching it "glow". Tuesday we headed up to the Tech student center for a Halloween event put on by the sororities and fraternities. It was fun and I am glad that we went, but it also made me realize that the events I had planned on going to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were just too much. We are still planning on "partying" Saturday at a neighborhood party and Sunday at church but can do without Friday!

Matt has been pretty busy with work since he hasn't been in the field since early June. He seems to be getting back into the swing of things and gathering a routine. A big thanks to my mom who has been a trouper since her surgery and helped me out a lot this week. This includes cooking for us tonight(thanks Mom!)while Matt had a dinner with some doctors in Monroe. Tomorrow I am taking a personal day from school and we are going to the State Fair as a family. Haven't tackled the fair since 1995 and things have changed slightly since then so we'll see how it goes. The savings of going on a week day are well worth the drive if you have any desire to go. It's free before 3pm with the exception of a $10 wrist band to ride all the rides. The kids are excited and so are we!

Here we are cutting the pumpkin. Jake loved loved loved doing this.

The pics are backwards...can't figure out how to reverse the order on my Mac.
At the Halloween festival at Tech on Tuesday. Sorry for all the pictures of myself.....
Jake and Tech
LG posing by our jack-o-lantern
Everyday they wanted to pose by their creation. I resisted the urge to post the daily pics!
We hope you have a safe Halloween. Be back soon!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I truly have better intentions of posting more often!! I've been doing this blog since May of '08 and plan to print it(Blog2Print has great deals) for my children. It's a great way for us to enjoy these memories in the future. All of you, I am sure, have been super busy as we have. No new news here other than a few minor details I'll share with you.

My mom "went under the knife" last Thursday to fix her sagging chin and eyes. She is hurting pretty bad due to the pressure in her face and says she wouldn't do it again. We'll see! I cannot believe she went through with it but this is what she wanted so I am happy for her.

I've been going back and forth for a while now on whether or not to run the marathon in Vegas instead of the half. This week I have just about decided to "go for it" and try to qualify for Boston in 2012. The Boston marathon registration for 2011 opened yesterday at 6am PST and closed in a record SIX HOURS. My training partner who qualified for Boston last year didn't get in and I am floored that the race filled that fast. Last year it took 2 months to reach capacity and we all thought that was quick. With that being said I plan to do 20 miles before school on Friday. Crazy I know but Matt's training schedule calls for a 5K on Saturday. So we'll be doing the Autumn Breeze race in Shreveport this weekend. Enough about running....

My mother in law had Monday off from school so she asked if she could take Jake to Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas. He had A BALL! So much so that I have just about talked J and LG into having a birthday getaway instead of a party. LG was set on having an Alice in Wonderland tea party and then I remembered that Alice has a breakfast at the Gaylord Texan across the street from GWL. So then she was on board. I hate to think that they are missing out on a party, but it will also be a fun family getaway that will also include Big Mama, Big D, GiGi, and Aunt Lou. This of course will be the weekend after the Vegas trip and during the crazy month of December. I am getting tired just thinking about it but it should be fun!

I will just go through the pictures by event.

For our Columbus Day holiday we headed out to the park for a Barbie car ride around the lake and then a fruit picnic(and pudding for my picky eater...LG).
The Tech game against Utah State was fun since Tech scored a win. Thought this picture from my phone was cute!
We have had so many professional pictures taken in the past year that I didn't do pumpkin patch pics. But we had our own mini session. They look way too posed in the pic below but the second one is my favorite!
Just wished I could have brushed his hair!!
Rachel McGehee(Peek-a-Boutique) made these precious stools for the kids and I loved how they turned out. The stools are large and will grow with them. Thanks Rachel!

Last week Matt and I headed out to Squire Creek for a silent auction to benefit Legacy Park. There was a great turnout and an extremely generous amount of donations were raised for this great cause.
Jennifer Sexton and I
Katie, Shelley, Sarah(who is due early January...can you even tell she is pregnant...she looks fabulous!) and myself.

Last weekend we took Big D with us to Tech Homecoming while Jake was at GWL. LG had a wonderful weekend being the only child and of course sat with her Big D the entire game. To say that she loves him is an understatement.
Afterwards we met Emily and Jon Pruitt(who are also early December) at Log Cabin and gave them a good dose of the toddler terrible twos!
We also ran into Cullen and Katie Clark. Fun times!
Today was Jake's pumpkin patch field trip with school. I met them at Barnes Studio to watch him decorate a pumpkin and clown with some of his classmates.
A lot of Jake's stories from school involve "football practice". They cannot have balls at school so they just practice and tackle(per Jake's interpretation). These are his practice buddies: Jack, Jake, Peyton, Stafford, and Grey.
And Tulley showed Jake how to hold a cricket. I love being a part of these small memories!!

I will try to get better about posting and hope you have enjoyed this one.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catch Up

I am trying to catch up on being blog absent the past few weeks. Matt was gone for 3 weeks straight to New Jersey for job training, so between work and taking care of 2 babies...blogging just wasn't in the priority category. We have done so much over the past month so I'll try to be brief:).
You know by now that I went up to visit Matt a few weeks ago and we went to the city. We ended up seeing Mary Poppins and it was really good. This was our third Disney on Broadway show to see(Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are the others) and they(Disney) never seem to disappoint. Hands down my favorite show is Lion King. I already plan to take the kids when they are older. It is FANTASTIC!
We did do a little Christmas shopping on the side. Landry Grace is going to get her first Itty Bitty Baby from American Girl. I tried talking her into a doll but she wanted the baby. I don't know why I am trying to rush this stuff anyway....many years ahead for the "big girl" dolls. We also made it to the Lego store. Jake has been into Lego's lately and we found a neat Toy Story set there for him. After shopping and seeing the show, we met back up with some other people from Matt's group to watch football. Wish I could be a true Southern gal and say I love to watch college football....sorry, I don't! But we had a great trip. Thanks for those of you who made suggestions on what to do. Deni, we tried to make to to Serendipity but just didn't have time.

Back in Ruston we had birthday parties and time with friends and family. I cleaned up the yard and pulled out the fall decor. The weather turned cold for a little while and that was nice.
Matt and I are training for the half marathon in Vegas on December 4th. My sweet daddy came over 5 days a week between 5 and 5:30 to watch the babies while I got my training runs in. That is LOVE. Matt is up to 5 miles on his long run and for someone who isn't a runner, I am so proud of him!! Meanwhile my mom ran her ninth marathon last weekend in St. George, Utah. She didn't have a PR(personal record) but finished and already planning another.

Enjoy the pictures.

Leaving the AG store in NYC with LG's baby. I'm a dork...but fun times!
In front of the Mary Poppins sign.
Big Mommy caught another lizard for Jake. This one made it to show and tell!
Sibling love!!
Landry Grace hanging out with Hank and her freshman cheerleader friends after an RHS pep rally.
Celebrating Bella Grace's 3rd birthday on October 2.
The we went to hang out with Sharon and her crew. Emma is a little momma and LG loves her.
Jake caught a fish but would not consider touching it. Had a little help here but what a cute picture.
Finally I cleaned up the yard and planted some flowers. We live in a very old house(built in 1965) but it has so much charm. Pleased with the outcome.
We were invited to go a style show last week with some friends and had a great time.
My running partners were there and we had to take a picture.
Yesterday we headed to the Tech football game and helped them pull in a win over Utah State. We are off from school tomorrow and looking forward to it!