Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Things!

We are finally starting to get some projects completed around our house, this one being window treatments. I started back in the summer picking out fabrics here and there. When I finally came to a decision, I was still second guessing myself. So I gave David Hedgepeth a call since I knew he would do a good job. He helped me pick out 2 fabrics(I originally had 4 picked out and he said that would have been too much) and then he did the rest. The kitchen valance was installed on Friday and I think it really adds so much to the area. Fun stuff and I wanted to share!
Don't forget to read the Halloween post below. I posted twice today.

Ah....I know the carpet looks horrible. Please don't judge:)!


Lora said...

LOVE THEM! Good old David comes through again!