Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sorry to disappoint those who read this blog. I don't have too much to report from this week. It's been busy with no slowing down in sight. Activities seem to pick up this time of year for some reason! I'll start with our families celebrations:
November 11: My 32nd birthday
November 28: My dad's(Big D) 64th birthday
December 5: Running White Rock Marathon/Matt's running the half in Dallas(change of venue)
December 5-6: Taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for birthday celebration
December 7: Matt's 34th birthday
December 10: Landry Grace's 3rd birthday
December 13: Our 7th wedding anniversary
December 15: Jake's 4th birthday
December 21: GiGi's 5*th birthday:)

Then you add the fried turkey business into the mix for Thanksgiving and Christmas and you have yourself a party. Matt and his brother are going to cook 450 for Thanksgiving and have regularly sold out the past 10 years. They don't cook as many for Christmas(300-350) but still cook a lot.

Fun stuff!
I somehow managed to misplace Landry Grace's ballet leotard 2 weeks ago so that gave me a good excuse to shop for another. Found this yesterday in Monroe. Too cute not to share!And this is just another picture from this week. To say that LG is our strong willed child is an understatement. Oh the stories I could share!


Lindsey said...

How cute! Sounds like you have a busy December! And fried turkey..yum!

DeniFay said...

Busy time! Happy all of those great reasons to celebrate! LG is too cute in her tutu and that adorable outfit!!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Aaw, that tutu is too cute!