Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Program

On Friday we received our first dose of trying to balance our time between our 2 children. Their classes at school had Thanksgiving programs, but the times were staggered so really it was fine. Landry Grace did great and sang all of her songs. After the program her class had a feast before dismissing at 11:30. Jake sang all of his songs as well but was a little more "off task" during his program. The teacher in me wanted to scold him, but the mom in me held back. Mrs. Renee has done a fabulous job with him this year and her personality jives so well with his. He absolutely ADORES her and we do as well. Here are some pictures from the program:

Jake has never been a dancer until recently. He was busting some moves out on Friday. Love it!
And today I attempted some Christmas card pics. Don't know what I was thinking but did get a few good ones. Not going to use this one so I thought I would share.
The countdown is now on for my marathon in Dallas(2 weeks from today). I don't actually feel that I have prepared for this one as well as the other 2 that I've done. That being said, I went over to Shreveport yesterday and ran in a low key half-marathon. Didn't have any expectations other than to test my fitness. I ended up running with a guy I used to coach with over in Bossier and surprised myself by running 1:35:24(according to my watch) which was 7:16 avg per mile. I felt really relaxed up until the last 2 miles, the last mile being well under 7 minutes. We kept gaining on the female leader who, in my opinion, took out extremely hard. She beat me by 8 seconds....really didn't care at that point. I wanted to be done! So the race was a confidence booster I suppose, but a marathon is much different from a half. We'll see! I hope to qualify again for Boston(3:40 or better) in 2 weeks and that is really my only goal.

As for this week, we will be splitting our time between Ruston and Bossier. Matt and his brother will be frying turkeys all day Tuesday and Wednesday plus we will be doing Thanksgiving over there. I plan to be over there a lot to help collect money when customers come to get turkeys. The kids also love hanging out at Gigi's so it should be a fun week. My parents are headed to Atlanta to celebrate with my sister and nephew. We hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

you are so fast! WOW! I love the picture of your kiddos laughing- so sweet!

Halls said...

girl! love the dancing jake!!! awesome!! and you just amaze me with your Have a great thanksgiving in case i don't see you before then!