Sunday, November 28, 2010


We had a lot of fun this weekend decorating the house and yard for Christmas. I'm still not done but thought I would share what is done. I caved this year and let Matt put up a 12 foot Santa in the front yard. I shouldn't say caved. He would have done it regardless. The kids LOVE it and they are only young once. It does kind of overshadow my wreaths on the windows but oh well!
My mom was kind enough to let us borrow her ornaments again this year to put up in the formal dining room. These have a lot of meaning as they were the ones I grew up with. She also has a lot of train ornaments from Hallmark and some are interactive with the bells and whistles, etc. Both Jake and Landry Grace LOVE this tree. Here they are checking out the different character ornaments. LG got so excited when she found Snow White.
And here is the final project:
The second tree in our den is a collection of different ornaments. My friend Tracey was changing themes on her tree one year and gave me a lot of her ornaments. Thank you Tracey!!!
Wonder if those presents will make it until Christmas!


The Dugdale Family said...

I'm sure the kids do love the huge Santa. I know mine would!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Love the giant Santa and the tree is beautiful!

Virginia said...

AAH LOVE THIS! LOVE THIS! Tell Matt he is my current holiday hero! Charlie and I were eyeing the inflatable snow globe last night at home depot.

Halls said...

you make me laugh! I will be sure to notice the wreaths when i drop by!! miss you!

Tracey Toms Van Hoy said...

Am I the Tracey youre talking about??? hahahahahaha