Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas today with our hearts full...we really have so many things to be thankful for and so often take much of that for granted. Although the children are small, we really emphasized that today was Jesus' birthday. They understood to a degree but then the toys are always a deterrent. We will keep working on that in the years to come. My parents were in Atlanta this year with my sister but Matt's family came over to Ruston from Bossier. Jake and Landry Grace are the only grands on his side and we were blessed with their company today.

Jake got up before 6:30 and would have gone back to sleep with us but I was eager to see the excitement in their faces so I reminded him it was Christmas morning. From there we went and woke up his sister who was DEAD to the world....hated waking her up but it's only once a year. It was a fun day but not without a few meltdowns along the way.

Overall it was a wonderful day as we celebrated the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Enjoy the pictures.

Jake's stash....he wanted Landry Grace to stay away but of course opened up her one present that was wrapped. Go figure.....

Landry Grace's gifts from Santa. She was more into brother's gifts this morning....can't win for trying!
Picture of the day! Love this shot. Don't you love the milk drool?
Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus before breakfast.
Quick smile before the Tyler's arrived.
Round 2 of presents.......
Landry doesn't look too thrilled but do not be fooled, we all love our dear Aunt Lou!!!!

Merry CHRISTmas to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Thought I would make up for lack of posts here lately and post some pictures that I thought were cute and wanted to share. The first is a professional picture we had taken at Barnes....we went to have pictures taken with Father Christmas(Santa Clause) and the one without Santa turned out best-go figure. But really, this is the BEST picture yet of the 3 of them together and smiling. I just absolutely love it! To risk copyright infringement, I just photographed the picture in the frame...this is not a scan-FYI.

This morning I was baking for Christmas day and turned around to find Landry Grace in my running shoes and just giggling. Had to bribe her to stay still while I went to get the camera. Will she be a runner...who knows.

And yes I bought her a princess potty over the weekend. Had great aspirations of training her during the Christmas break...NOTTA. She has no interest other than to sit on it put her hands in it. She threw a fit when I tried to put her in pull-ups. No big deal, just want her trained by August so that she can go to Montessori. We have time!
We had a play date Tuesday morning at Katie Hall's house. She has become a good friend over the past year and is such a great mom. I admire her for so many reasons. We did a snowman apple craft and here are our kids along with Harper Cauley showing off their masterpieces.
And last but not least I had to put this picture up from Jake's birthday morning. He loves sausages on a stick(this is not a corn dog but pretty similar) for breakfast.
Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones. May you remember the real reason why we celebrate: the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Polar Express!

We made it to the "North Pole" and back on the Polar Express last Sunday. It was a wonderful trip and well worth the time and $$! I will say that it is a long trip to Palestine...3 1/2 hours each way, but we broke up the trip by stopping in Bossier for lunch and then spent the night in Bossier on the way home. The train ride lasted only about 50 minutes but that was about perfect timing for our small children. There were about 10 cars on the train and each held around 50 people. We were on the 5:10 train...this time slot sells out first and then there is a 6:30 train and 8:15 train. The route goes from one depot to the North Pole, you see Santa and everyone waves and screams and if you are my mom: cries...she had a blast seeing Jake get so excited over seeing the North Pole and Santa. His window fogged up from him being so close to the window for so long. The look on his face when we got to our destination does not have a price was great! Landry Grace liked the train ride but still was a little young to catch onto much. Lots of adults had on their pajamas as well but we decided not to partake:) in that department! Once you get to the North Pole, Santa boards the train(there are 2 Santa's to ensure everyone gets to see him) and gives every child a bell. We were in the coach section of the train which is the lowest level and the only seats that were available when I called about tickets in the middle of November(you can start calling in January for the next year so call early if you want to go!). They also have First Class and climate controlled. I was a little nervous that the kids would be cold, but they were not and we were all fine. The tickets for FC are about $20 more per person and yes you have to pay for ages 2 and up so I would not recommend them for such a short ride...don't think it would really be worth it, in my opinion. So enjoy the pictures and Merry Christmas!!!

Family picture when we first got glad mom came along to experience the whole trip and to take some pictures, that helped so much!!!

I love this picture of me and Landry Grace!
The train had just come into the station and they were both checking it out.

Another family picture on the train
He had JUST spotted the North Pole and I was SO glad I got his reaction on film...precious!!
Sweetness......most of the time!
Waving GOODBYE to the North Pole...
Receiving their bell from Santa.
I hear it RING mom!!
Had to post this one more time....not really. I loaded it twice on accident and couldn't figure out how to remove it.....!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Miss Priss

I took this picture last night on my cell phone so it may be a little grainy. If pictures can capture a personality, this one did. Landry Grace loves accessories of all kinds....purses, necklaces, bracelets,glasses, etc. I had to share this sweet pic.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy 3rd Jake!

At 10pm tonight my baby boy will officially be 3 years old. He was taken at 35 weeks by c-section...spent 8 days in the NICU at WKSouth and we have never looked back. What a joy he has been. Sometimes I am sadden a little by the fact that he has had to grow up a little quicker than other boys his age since he was a big brother before he even turned a year old, but then again, he nor I know any different. Our family is unique in so many ways and we would not change anything even if we could(I say that often, sorry for the redundancy!). He is our pride and joy, constantly making us laugh......Saturday morning for instance, he was up at 5:55 wanting to eat but I made him get in bed with us for a while. After 30 minutes or so he was still tossing and turning so I let him go watch some TV. He soon returned to our room holding his bag of candy from the previous night's Christmas parade. I asked Matt if he heard something and from the foot of our bed I heard Jake say, "I got the candy cause y'all won't feed me!" At that I promptly got out of bed to go and feed my malnourished child....God love him.
At a Techster's game with my parents.

Blowing out the candles at his birthday party..compliments of Katie Hall's expert photography!
We also celebrated 6 short years of marriage this weekend by taking a short trip to Natchez and staying at the Duluith B&B. It was a perfect distance and Matt made the trip a little better by taking me to the Kelly's Kids outlet. Brownie points for that one! I know we are still "just getting our feet wet" as far as marriage and years go, but am looking forward to many more anniversaries with him.
Stay tuned for our Polar Express trip coming up this Sunday. So excited about it if you cannot tell!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

I am wishing my sweet baby girl a super 2nd birthday today! What a joy she has been in a lives. Her fiesty attitude makes up for her small frame. Right now she LOVES her mama and babydolls. She wants 2(but holds up 5 fingers when she sayd 2) babydolls for Christmas! She is very sensitive but also tough as she has to protect herself from her big brother. We love you so much Landry Grace!

Sporting her first "goose egg" that she recieved courtesy of the fireplace last night.

Being silly Monday night when we had dinner with daddy after his FCA golf tournament.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

We weathered the chili temperatures Saturday morning for Jake and Landry Grace's birthday party at our home. Someone forgot to send me the memo that when you are having a party at your house, primarily indoors, you might need to keep it small:). But we had a great crowd and a good time was had by all. We hit the pinata, bounced on the Mickey bounce house, colored Mickey and Minnie sheets, ate Mickey treats, and played with Mickey balloons...we wore the Mickey and Minnie theme out.
December is such a busy month for us! Matt's birthday is tomorrow, LGT's is the 10th, our 6th wedding anniversary is the 13th and Jake's birthday is the 15th.... not to mention Christmas. I am trying to get a little better at posting but bare with us during this month! We are planning a big trip on the 20th to the Polar Express train ride in Palestine, Tx. The babies are looking forward to that. Well, enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where Has Time Gone?

In preparation of the babies birthday parties this weekend, I have to reflect on what the last 2 years with 2 babies has been like. One word cannot sum it up but more than that I would not change a THING. Even if for 5 days every year they will be the same age. They are so precious and truly a gift from the Lord.
Below is a picture taken when Landry Grace was about 5 days old. The first 6 months were truly a trying time in our life, but looking back the days and years have gone SO quickly! I miss those early days from time to time. There is still chaos at our home but I know that "this too shall pass" and before I know it they will both be in school.
We are having a celebration of LGT's 2nd and Jake's 3rd birthday at our house this Saturday and are hoping for some warm weather(me and my bright idea to have it outside!) but fun will be had regardless of weather:). Stay tuned for pictures!!
And yes we continue to survive!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had our family picture/Christmas card session yesterday and this was by far the best my children had ever done for pictures. It's safe to say this one will probably not make the cut, but it was the proof she e-mailed me and the rest I cannot save. If you would like to check them out, here and the password is Suzanne.
I am so enjoying my week off with the babies. We have had some fun and are looking forward to 3 more week days.
Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Latest

Life has been in the way of our blog and it has been a while since my last update. Halloween has come and gone. I am pretty sure most of you are on Facebook and saw them dressed up as Caesar and Cleopatra. When we were out in Vegas last May and staying at Caesar's Palace, I saw the costumes in the gift shop and from there my idea for them to be Caesar and Cleopatra was born. Numbered are the days where I can pick out ideas for them. Both of the babies are pretty strong willed so I am biding the time before their choice will win out over mine!
Last week was filled with fun events, starting with GiGi treating us to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tickets last Sunday in Bossier. Jake loved it...Landry Grace didn't sit still for very long! Jake is my tv watcher(bad parent, I know) while LGT could really care less about what is on the tube. She is very active...hence her 22 pound 35 inch lean figure! This week we had a play date after MDO on Thursday and played with the Hall kiddos and James kiddos. They had a blast playing together at our house. On Friday we went to the Tech game and let the kids play at First Friday(the first Friday of every month our church has free child care from 6-10:30). At halftime the Dawgs were getting beat pretty badly and so we left the game around 8:30, went to get a bite to eat, and then headed to get the babies. When we got there, the Dawgs were making a comeback against Boise State and Jake was telling Matt that he wanted to go to the game. So we went back to the game and within 15 minutes they were SACKED OUT! Made for a pretty cute picture.

So other than that we are just enjoying the fall. We love in a pretty wooded area so leaves are EVERYWHERE! It's beautiful but upkeep of the property is a necessity! As of September 15ish I have not run at all. I needed a break emotionally from it when LGT was in the midst of her hair pulling and I just couldn't handle training for a marathon at the time. So now almost 8 weeks later I have found myself enjoying the sleeping in but now realizing it is time to hit the pavement once again. My 2 running partners that are running White Rock in December are hoping to qualify for Boston(which is April 19). I qualified with my time at last year's Boston, so if they run a time of 3:40 or better at White Rock my plan is to train with them for that marathon. Last week I started a boot camp at Tech. It starts at 5am and is on M/W/F. There are over 40 women in the class and it is a pretty good workout. I am still missing my cardio and hoping to start back up soon. That is all for now. Hope all is going well this fall season and I will try to post sooner than later.

GiGi with Jake and Landry Grace before heading into Playhouse Disney

Landon Hall, Ava James, and Jake playing

Landry Grace and Kennedy Hall hanging out together
Landry showing off before heading to First Friday
And my favorite.....sacked out. Notice Jake hasn't let go of his popcorn. Enough said!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Farms and Football

Thought I would catch all of you who read our blog up on the latest! Where has October gone? This week I have found myself looking forward to Thanksgiving break and ordering birthday party invites(hello! Etsy has always been a site I liked but now I am addicted. All things Minnie and Mickey they have!)as December will be here oh so soon.
Anywho....back to last week. I took the kids last year to Papa Simpson's Farm in Arcadia. They only have tours once a month and during October they get to go to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins. We had so much fun (before the meltdown!!) last year that I made plans to do it again this year and bring Matt and my mom along. The Hall family also joined in the fun! The only thing I did different this year was pack some snacks and pb and j's(the frozen kind that are pre-made) and some extra juice boxes. Little did I think they would go for them. Well, that was the lifesaver and the reason for our meltdown last year. So the tour started at 10 and we left around noon from the farm. The tour last longer but we left out early. They petted all kinds of animals, gave a bottle to a calf, and even ran amongst the goats and tried to catch them. Jake was all about milking the cow but when he walked up to the cow's utters at the farm he was not a willing participant! You can google Papa Simpson's farm if you are interested in going. I highly suggest it as it is a good family activity!

That same afternoon we made it to the Tech homecoming game late....but better late than never. We waited for the babies to wake up from their nap and decided to take them with us to the game. Normally we get a babysitter since we are in close quarters with our fellow season ticket holders and only have 2 seats. Next year we will have to spring for 4 seats as the kids will be at the age that they can enjoy the atmosphere a little better....hmmmmmm! But we had a good time and the babysitter came AFTER the game to babysit while we went out with some friends.

And on to upcoming news....we are headed down to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Auburn game. We are tagging along with some friends and staying with family while Jake and Landry Grace will be in good hands with GG and Papaw. May I say it again how blessed we are to having loving and doting grandparents on both sides of our family, along with Aunt Lou. We do NOT take this for granted. Yes I used to be a little more protective when they were under the age of 1 but now...they would rather go with any grandparent than stay with us:). I don't blame them!

Have a great weekend!

Showing off their pumpkins at Papa Simpson's.

The trailer ride down to the farm.

Petting a baby goat with his buddy Landon Hall.
Landry Grace getting to sit in a seat all by herself while our neighbors went to the concession stand.

Just thought this was priceless. I truly tear up when I think about how FAST the last 3 years has gone by and how soon they will be in school.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yay for October!

Quick post...nothing too big to report. I never have been big into Halloween, but with kids I have now found myself getting into it a little more. We bought about 10 pumpkins on Friday and decorated the flowerbed with them. The kids had a blast going to the pumpkin patch at The Townsend House and then we went to Super 1 to get the rest of them:)!

Last night we cooked pumpkin cookies and I let them wear their Halloween shirts. Below was a quick shot of them hugging one another. They have recently begun doing this and I could never get enough of them hugging. I suppose when they are older I will have this picture to remind them of when they loved to play together!

And tonight Katie, her mom, and sweet kiddos boo-ed us(sorry, we weren't supposed to know but they didn't leave out in time before we answered the door) and brought Jake and Landry Grace some fun Halloween treats. Looking forward to trick or treating this year! It will be a blast.

Last but not least LGT is doing great with her new hair cut. The first 2 mornings she got up earlier than normal because she could not comfort herself by pulling her hair. Other than that, we have had several "what is wrong with your child she has no hair" or " I cannot believe she cut her hair" looks. It's almost humorous to me! But this is another lesson I have learned: Do not judge until you have walked in her shoes. Lesson I should have learned a long time ago but was reminded of in our current circumstance. I shouldn't dwell on the negative because honestly I have had so many encouraging words from so many people and we are grateful for you. We are now certain that we did the best thing for her and she is doing wonderful.
Pardon the fingerprints all over the stove!

Jake......the picture says it all. He is AAAALLLL boy.
Landon giving Jake part of his boo-ed present. Of course they wouldn't stay still and I love that Katie brought Landon in his Halloween costume!! Who will we boo???
The girls: Landry Grace, me, Katie, and Kennedy