Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving Day is Approaching!

The big day is coming this Friday when we will move in our "new to us" home. I cannot begin to tell you how excited and fortunate we consider ourselves to move into such a great neighborhood and house with SPACE! Since Landry was born in Dec. of 07, we have literally been so cramped and continued to downsize from our house in Benton to my parent's house in Ruston, then to a 1086 sq foot home for 10 months. So this 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2200 sq ft house is the Taj Mahal as far as I am concerned! I think this makes us appreciate our new home all the more as we prepare to move. Mind you there is A LOT of work to do between now and then, but it's coming together. The pics below are of the new kitchen cabinets. I am not crazy of the color as I thought there was going to be a darker glaze, but instead it is a clear glaze....but the granite counter tops and back splash, along with the pulls and knobs on the cabinets will hopefully pull my attention off of the color. Also, I am now realizing just how dirty the brick pavers are, so tomorrow I am scrubbing them with acid and then we are going to reseal them.....yes, I talked to Cissy before I committed to this! The pics are from my phone so they aren't great but you get the idea. All of the rooms are finished with the exception of the master. It will get one more coat of paint next Saturday. The carpets will be shampooed this week and hopefully the counter tops as well. Back splash will more than likely be done next week but that is no biggy. I am tired.......enjoy!

Cabinets minus one door, a fridge, dishwasher, stove, and microwave....oh, and crown molding and pulls and knobs
Another view
Pantry and china cabinet minus several things: bottom doors on china cabinet and another set of doors on the far end....of course we will put glass in the doors if you had any doubt. The pantry was added and it has an odd angle but at least we now have one.

Playing with daddy at Aunt Lou's house today.
And last but not least is Landry's new ride. She has been desperately trying to ride Jake's tractor and he goes for her throat every time she goes near it. My ears would ring from the sound they made screaming at each other, sooooooo I told Jake I was going to get HER a tractor and he said NO, she needs a TINKERBELL. Well, it just so happened they had a Tinkerbell 4 wheeler. Perfect! So here she is with her new toy. Now if only she could work it without momma pushing the button. Oh well!
New pics to come. Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before Pictures of the House

Thought I would give those of you interested a mini tour of our house! These pictures were taken several weeks ago before the cabinets in the kitchen and built-ins in the living room were torn down. We are making process but painting the whole house (ourselves!!) and it just takes time. We have to be OUT of our house(it's no longer ours but we are renting it currently) by August 1, so the countdown is on. I'll try to explain as I go:

The kitchen cabinets and china cabinet to the left in this picture are no longer. They are all being custom built along with granite countertops and tumbled marble backsplash. The island in the bottom of this picture is no longer and we are having a built-in buffet made to the immediate left of this pic
Better view of the kitchen and you can see how dated the house is. The previous owners replaced all the flooring in the house and we love their choices, but more updating is needed. We are also having to put new lighting in both the kitchen and living room.
Love the formal dining room. Only thing we are painting in here is the crown molding(is the bottom part called crown molding? Excuse my ignorance!)
The built-ins in the living room....totally torn out and we are replacing them. Also painting the room a deep khaki color and painting the crown, baseboards and CHAIR RAIL a shade of white: makes a HUGE difference! Matt finished this room and the kitchen last weekend.
Landry Grace's room. Will be a light pink and the chair rail will be painted white...don't you love the plantation shutters??? Each room has 2 closets and that is SO nice!Jake's room...will be painted a mocha color with the chair rail painted white along with the trim, closet doors, etc.

Front living be painted the same color as the formal dining room which is directly across from it.
Alternate view of the kitchen....can't begin to tell you the difference the paint has made! Took down the window treatments and will replace them AS SOON AS MATT TELLS ME I CAN(hint hint honey:)). The built-in buffet will be to the far right.

Hope you enjoyed this! I didn't post pics of the master bedroom or Matt's office. Nor did I post a good shot of the main living room. We are also replacing both sets of french doors in that room. Hopefully it'll turn out NICE;)!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beach Bums

Well, we've done nothing around here lately but hit the beach and the pool. Landry Grace LOVES the ocean and Jake has yet to step foot in it.....that's typical! She had a great time out there today and actually wanted to get out of my arms while I had her out there in the water. I did let her walk along the shore:). Jake will come to the beach for a little while and then tell me it's time to go to the pool . But we are having so much fun. Sorry the pictures are just about the same: me and the kiddos or a little variation of that. Enjoy the pics!
Jake let me bury him today in the sand!

Landry LOVING the waves!

Again....looks like she is trying to get away!
Matt's cousin Jenny is here with her twins Kyleigh and Kaleb and her mom...we met up with them a couple of times.
Trying to get 4.5 year old twins and my 2 to pose for a picture wasn't easy....but we got them all in a single shot so that's success.
My niece Abigail loves to sing so she did karaoke last night to Kelly Clarkson's song "A Moment Like This"......LGT cried the whole time because she couldn't run to ABBY!
Me and my sister Laura...she is 4.5 years older than me for those of you who don't know her. She lives in Atlanta with her son Cameron.
This was from the other day in the kiddie pool. Love this area! It is a great place for toddlers!!!
Taking a break from the sand and sun for a snack.
Saved the BEST for brought this car for LGT to ride in and it has been the lifesaver of the trip! Well, Tuesday morning she woke up at 6:05 and was in full force until about 12:30. We loaded up and headed back to the condo and fell asleep in her car.....priceless:)
Coming home Saturday morning. Then back to getting the house ready to move in by August 1. So excited about that!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Update from Florida

These pictures are a little out of order but I don't feel like changing them! We are having a great time at the beach so far and the kiddos have adjusted great! The trip down wasn't too bad although I had my niece and nephew with me to help out with the babies. We left around 5:45 yesterday and made it to Ft. Walton by 1:30. The place we are staying at is GREAT. It has a kiddie area where the water is no deeper than a foot and has stationary play toys....wonderful! I can sit and let the kids entertain themselves. Yes, we have made it to the beach but it was overcast and a little chilly in the water today so we spent most of the time at the pool. Tonight we had beach pictures taken in Destin and hope that the photographer got some good shots. Last year we tried taking our own pics and it didn't go over well. So mom hired someone this year and my parents wanted to get a picture of them and all the grand kids. Matt couldn't make the trip due to fact we just got back from another vacation, so I hated that we couldn't take a family picture. Other than that, we are just kicking back and enjoying the vacation. Here are some pics:
Abby and Jake goofing off

Got ready and all to take this one quick pic!
Not real sure about the sand and DID NOT want to be put down!! :(
Thought this was a sweet shot!
Being silly!
How many people does it take to make my babies SMILE!!! We'll see...........
Landry was FREEEZING all day and finally I put her in the hot tub for a few minutes and she really warmed up!
2 of the pools at Waterscape are zero entry and the kids really are having a blast!

She LOVED the ocean yesterday but it was overcast this morning and she was just a little too cold. Maybe tomorrow!
Holding my sweet little girl!
Maybe I'll post more later. Mom's computer uploads pictures a whole lot faster than Matt's, making this blog post go very fast. I like it:)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mall carousel

We had lunch with Matt today in Mer Rouge and stopped by the mall on the way home. Landry Grace loved riding the carousel as did her big brother!

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