Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving Day is Approaching!

The big day is coming this Friday when we will move in our "new to us" home. I cannot begin to tell you how excited and fortunate we consider ourselves to move into such a great neighborhood and house with SPACE! Since Landry was born in Dec. of 07, we have literally been so cramped and continued to downsize from our house in Benton to my parent's house in Ruston, then to a 1086 sq foot home for 10 months. So this 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2200 sq ft house is the Taj Mahal as far as I am concerned! I think this makes us appreciate our new home all the more as we prepare to move. Mind you there is A LOT of work to do between now and then, but it's coming together. The pics below are of the new kitchen cabinets. I am not crazy of the color as I thought there was going to be a darker glaze, but instead it is a clear glaze....but the granite counter tops and back splash, along with the pulls and knobs on the cabinets will hopefully pull my attention off of the color. Also, I am now realizing just how dirty the brick pavers are, so tomorrow I am scrubbing them with acid and then we are going to reseal them.....yes, I talked to Cissy before I committed to this! The pics are from my phone so they aren't great but you get the idea. All of the rooms are finished with the exception of the master. It will get one more coat of paint next Saturday. The carpets will be shampooed this week and hopefully the counter tops as well. Back splash will more than likely be done next week but that is no biggy. I am tired.......enjoy!

Cabinets minus one door, a fridge, dishwasher, stove, and microwave....oh, and crown molding and pulls and knobs
Another view
Pantry and china cabinet minus several things: bottom doors on china cabinet and another set of doors on the far end....of course we will put glass in the doors if you had any doubt. The pantry was added and it has an odd angle but at least we now have one.

Playing with daddy at Aunt Lou's house today.
And last but not least is Landry's new ride. She has been desperately trying to ride Jake's tractor and he goes for her throat every time she goes near it. My ears would ring from the sound they made screaming at each other, sooooooo I told Jake I was going to get HER a tractor and he said NO, she needs a TINKERBELL. Well, it just so happened they had a Tinkerbell 4 wheeler. Perfect! So here she is with her new toy. Now if only she could work it without momma pushing the button. Oh well!
New pics to come. Have a great week!


Halls said...

I am so impressed at how much is done so far! But I have to disagree with you on the cabinets. I think they look great!!!! it's all you see right now too. Once you get everything else in, it will blend and it's going to be fabulous!! Let me know if you need some help this week...whether it's entertaining kids at my house, the park, or bring you some food. Don't be afraid to ask me for help! We are just hanging here all week

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Ha, I love the picture of them riding their dad- how cute!

linknblogs said...

I have to agree with Halls on this one, I think the cabinets look fabulous too! They're going to look even more fabulous with a nice crown molding up top to add length and an attractive pull. This will be one stylin' kitchen! Congratulations on the move and happy settling in/doing minor renovations!

Jared and Michelle said...

Hey girl,
It's Michelle , Mary Catherine's friend from Baton Rouge. She sent me your blog. Your children are beautiful. We have a 5 month old daughter named Hadley Kay. She is so much fun. How exciting about the move! We are getting ready to build a new house soon!

Karla and Edmond Long said...

Hey Suzanne, THis is Karla (MC's friend). She sent me your blog address and I am loving seeing pics of your family! Your kids are precious. I also just found David CAston's families' blog through yours. We went to high school together and I have't seen him in forever. I am going to put your blog on my blog list so that I can get updates!! Good luck with the move!!

Just say Julie said...

Looks good! I know y'all are so ready to be in it!