Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some New House Pics

I really have nothing new to post...sorry! We have been busy getting the house ready and are now starting to pack our current home into boxes. The rain delayed us this weekend, which is good because the counter tops and built-ins in the living room have yet to be installed. Plus, the guy who bought the house from us did not have a tenant for this month, so he is letting us rent an extra week from him. PLUS, we may have our lot sold out in Creek's Edge. 2 couples are wanting it sooooo hopefully there will be a good outcome there. Below are some current pictures of the house in progress. All the painting is done! That was a major undertaking but Matt's buddy Lance graciously gave up the last 4 weekends and drove over from Shreveport to help us finish.....we owe him SO much!

Below is LGT's room with her new toy box.
Our the blue I picked out! It looks really good and we have a brown and cream comforter that Matt surprised me with( yes, I had picked it out but he went back and got it).

Den....both sets of french doors will be replaced this week. One of them had water damage so we just decided to replace both of them. To the far right will be the new built-ins.
The kitchen with a few new things added to them. Starting to really like the color after all! Crown molding will be added this week. SCROLL DOWN and look at the before pictures of the kitchen! I love the outcome!
Jake's room
We have already taken down Jake's crib and converted it to his big boy bed. I am still playing around with where to put the bed. We tried every's a small room and I think he will get the most space with the bed where it is currently. He also has a dresser and hutch to put in the room so we'll see. We had to go and get a new box spring and mattress and his new bedding(thanks SOOOO much GG!!) has been ordered and hopefully will be here by week's end....but until we move in he will be sleeping with us as his he has no bed. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition when we move into the house, but I am not thinking it will be.............
That is it for now.


Jessica Stephenson said...

Everything looks great. Hope you are settled in before school starts

Hannah Lee said...

I love it! It looks even better in person! Can't wait to see all of Landry's white furniture up and the whole room together. Gorgeous! Love the toy boxes!