Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture Time Again

Amidst all the headaches of redoing a house, I decided last week to have the babies pictures taken:).....nice. I have used Sherry Owens in the past and she did our Christmas cards last year. She is super reasonable and very easy to work with. Plus QUICK! I had their pictures taken yesterday morning and it was more than comical to see my children at a photo shoot. I have YET to get a picture of my children with both of them smiling.....be ware that when I do get a "perfect" picture, there will be a wall size copy of it in my house. SERIOUSLY! Yet yesterday was not to be the perfect picture moment. LGT did not wake up until almost 8 and the pictures were scheduled for 8:30. She screamed pretty much the entire session. I really couldn't believe Sherry got as many as she did without Landry sobbing! All in all I was pleased....thought I would share my story with you. If you feel so led, you can view the proofs at Sherry's website. Enter your e-mail and the password is suzanne.

The house is coming along. The granite was installed today and the den built-ins are coming tomorrow. Matt is taking Friday off so hopefully we will get all of our stuff moved between now and Friday. Will post pictures soon.


Halls said...

Love these!!! She does a good job!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I think that's a sweet picture above- they may not be smiling but they both look awfully sweet!

Hannah Lee said...

Love love love all of the pics. Super cute!

Jared and Michelle said...

Girl, I feel your pain about the photo session. I have only taken Hadley once when she was three months old and needless to say it was a bad experience. Lessons I learned... do it earlier and make sure she gets a full nap. Share your proofs with grandparents so they can help you reach the minimum payment! I swore I would not go back until she was one. Yet here I am scheduling the six month pics!! Go figure!! Good luck with the house stuff. We are in the process of getting our house plans finalized.