Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and More

This is somewhat of a hodgepodge post so forgive me in advance. We had a low key Easter with a few egg hunts and outings with friends. Easter Sunday we boiled shrimp after church with my parents and Matt's mom, aunt, and brother. We are just blessed with what we have. Man, I can just tear up thinking about what we have to be thankful for. Too often, we get caught up in the American way of "bigger and better". I've just been humbled these past couple of weeks. Just be thankful for your blessings, be it big or small. Just some food for thought, that's all!

We let Jake and Landry Grace fall asleep together for the first time last week. They were thrilled about doing this. Little things.

Landry Grace sporting the old school dress with her name cross-stitched on the front. Pretty sure Mom had the exact same dress for me in the 80's.
Landry Grace and Jake before their school Easter egg hunts. Matt went with Jake to his and I took LG to hers.
The Thursday before Easter I met up with some of my high school classmates. Actually, we all go back to elementary school together. We met up at Raw and talked for 3 hours. Could've talked more but bedtime was calling. What a fun evening!
Jake's current OBSESSION is with caterpillars. He found this one at a birthday party last week and named it "Rockstar".
She is ALL girl. Rocking the heels at the pool the entire time. She had little interest in getting in. The water is still a little chilly for her.
Easter morning. I hate that we didn't take more pictures. This is my all-time favorite dress of Landry Graces'. She wore it last year as well. The lady that makes these dresses for the Moppett Shop in Shreveport is retiring this year. I am so sad:(. She also made the blue one in the picture above.
Family pic:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Jake's first t-ball game was last night. He had a great time despite the game being called due to lightening. His entire team looked so cute on the field with their little uniforms on!! My friend Melody had a matching shirt made for her little girl so I borrowed the idea for Landry Grace. It might be a little much but I thought the kiddos looked pretty cute last night. Of course my camera battery died, so these pics are from my phone. Mom of the Year times!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Thought I'd send a small update from our weekend thus far. It's been great hanging out with my babies, going to egg hunts, and even taking our first dip of the year in a pool. We ended tonight by reading about the empty tomb with hopes that they will carry with them the MOST important message from this Easter season. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday's Coming

Rev. Rolly said, "You can't get to Sunday without Friday". Thought I would share this video in remembrance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not a Fan....

I'll have a little more to post from today's egg hunt with Landry Grace's class at school. It was held at the Aswell's farm in Choudrant. This is an actual farm! There were all kinds of animals including a buffalo. Well, these pigs scared my sweet baby girl to death. They would come out of nowhere running pretty fast. You can see in the second picture her face of horror and then with sweet Ms. Cindy trying to comfort her. She is not a fan. These pics made me smile...had to share!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Bit of Everything!

We've been up to a good bit lately, so I thought I'd give you a little update. First off with LG's new toy that she "earned" last week. I came across an "old school toy" at Toy Fair: the Snoppy sno cone machine. They love it and ask to make one every evening.

Next, if you drive past our house in the afternoon/evening time, we are more than likely to be in the front yard doing this. Seriously. Jake loves hitting the ball, working on throwing, etc. And I am thoroughly enjoying this as well. I even helped out at t-ball practice last night and managed not to get hit with the ball. But Jake managed to hit the only girl on our team with a ball. Big accident. :(
I have finished the flower beds and am so proud of them! My first purple flower bloomed on one of the verbena plants yesterday. So proud! Wish I would have taken a before picture. There was a lot of digging up and moving around of plants.
Last year I moved about 4 hydrangea plants from the back yard to the side here. I didn't know if they would make it, but this year they all look fantastic. Again, I am so excited to see the plants getting ready to bloom.
Last Friday we headed up to Railroad Park for Dinner and a Movie. This was a community function put on by the Junior Auxilary of Ruston(think Junior League for those of you not familiar). They showed Princess and the Frog. The kids didn't sit down for the movie but had a great time with all of their friends. I let them bring treats in their lunch boxes. This turned out to be a pretty good idea! And a big THANKS to my mom for tagging along with us. Matt was umpiring baseball that night and could not go. It always helps to have an extra hand.
And last but not least, Katie called me on Friday to see if Matt and I wanted to check out the Kenny Chesney concert in Dallas with them Saturday evening. Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, and the Zac Brown Band were there as well. In addition to that, the concert was at the new Cowboy Stadium. We were in! And we were able to enjoy food and drinks before and during the concert at the CTB suite inside the stadium. We had a BLAST!! Thanks again Katie and Lance! And to my mother-in-law for taking care of the babies short notice so we could get away for some alone time. We are very blessed to have caring grandparents!

Easter Egg hunts tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was going through the many photos on my phone and reminiscing of the laughs I've had with Jake and Landry Grace. Tears can easily flow when I think of how fast the years are going and too soon Jake will be in kindergarten. I love them both so much that my heart aches. Since I'm sending this from my phone, I can't put captions under each picture. Instead I'll let you know what each one is and why it makes me smile:)! 1)Jake taking a picture of LG when we were out shopping one day. They were in the stroller taking turns snapping pictures. 2) with the Hall kiddos at Lincoln Parish Park last spring looking for fish off the pier. Simple things. 3) my 3 loves sporting their cowboy boots at the Tech ag auction last year. 4) at the beach last year, Jake came in and was so proud he'd put his underwear on by himself.... And 5) was taken last week. They are enjoying a popsicle after school in the driveway. Life is NOT perfect, but I love my sweet family!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Jake finished up his first soccer season this weekend. Overall, I think he loved it. I love these sweet pictures. He is grinning from ear to ear. T-ball season cranks up this week as we have our first practice tomorrow evening. Matt is coaching Jake's team and thinks it's pretty neat that his daddy is his coach. We are looking forward to it!

Running through the parent's tunnel. They love this!
Jake with Coach Burnett
Jake and his teammates.
And as I was cleaning out LG's dance bag tonight, I noticed her class picture was in there. She is sitting in the teacher's lap. My scanner isn't working so I just took a picture from my camera. Aren't they all just precious!!?

That's all for now! Hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My Wednesday morning run normally consists of 10 miles through the hills of Ruston. Here lately I've been dreading this morning run a lot because I'm not really training for anything and 10 miles is a long way.... But this morning my old high school teammate Jon joined us and it was a lot of fun catching up with him. Jon is a Navy Seal now and, along with his wife Carrie, are moving cross country from the San Diego area to Tampa and stopped in Ruston along the way. We had a lot of laughs this morning reminiscing about "the good ole days" and what have you. I think we both agree that the life lessons learned through our sport of choice in high school has helped us tremendously in all aspects of our life. Of course we had a great coach but the entire cross country team was another family for me. Jon is also a 3:17 marathoner who hopes to one day qualify for the Boston marathon. Thanks for a great run, Jon!! Above is a picture from last May. Thought I'd share it now...

Friday, April 1, 2011


We made it back into town today after 2 nights in Dallas. It was a lot of fun, but can be a challenge with a 3 and 4 year old. They did great overall and it is so fun that we can now take them on trips and see their enjoyment in what they are doing. Jake and Landry Grace pretty much stayed in the wave pool at GWL. They loved jumping the waves and Jake just floated out in the middle of the wave pool with no fear(but did have a life jacket on). I am hopeful that they will love the ocean this summer. In years past we have gone to the beach and stayed at the pool. And that was fine!

Landry Grace doing her dancing! She is a hoot in "real life" with all of her hopping up and down.
Posing for a brief moment.
A stranger took this shot and I thought it was great! It had a shadow on it so I just turned it to black and white. Problem solved.
We thought Landry Grace would L-O-V-E American Girl since she loves her Bitty Baby so much....but we were W-R-O-N-G! It could have been the fact that she was on a 15 minute nap that day and we went at 5:15 in the evening. She really was not into the dolls or outfits. I was not going to push her getting an outfit for baby if she didn't want to, I know there are many years ahead.
Before we went in. And guess who was waaaaay more into the dolls: Jake Tyler. He was thrilled that the waiter brought him over a doll to sit with during dinner. Mom and I couldn't stop giggling. And no, I have no worries in the world about this. LG is just as interested in pirates and such when Jake is playing with them. Oh but we had some good laughs.
I didn't plan to buy a stroller but she was set on it. So I gave in and got her the stroller. It has not left her side and she has taken it everywhere we've gone in the past 24 hours.
I caught this last night as they were in a discussion on how to share their yogurt. My children can fight like cats and dogs, but man they truly are best friends. I love to see them connect in different ways and levels. Sure it's been a tough road and will continue to be, but I love that they have each other. I pray so hard that they will be the very best of friends throughout their lifetime.
GiGi just got back from Chicago. Here they are sporting their new shirts she bought for them. Thanks GiGi!

Matt has been gone since last Friday on a business trip to Las Vegas. All three of us have missed him greatly and are glad that he is almost home. We have a full day tomorrow with soccer, Tech's Spring Game, and track meet. Have a great weekend!