Monday, July 6, 2009

Update from Florida

These pictures are a little out of order but I don't feel like changing them! We are having a great time at the beach so far and the kiddos have adjusted great! The trip down wasn't too bad although I had my niece and nephew with me to help out with the babies. We left around 5:45 yesterday and made it to Ft. Walton by 1:30. The place we are staying at is GREAT. It has a kiddie area where the water is no deeper than a foot and has stationary play toys....wonderful! I can sit and let the kids entertain themselves. Yes, we have made it to the beach but it was overcast and a little chilly in the water today so we spent most of the time at the pool. Tonight we had beach pictures taken in Destin and hope that the photographer got some good shots. Last year we tried taking our own pics and it didn't go over well. So mom hired someone this year and my parents wanted to get a picture of them and all the grand kids. Matt couldn't make the trip due to fact we just got back from another vacation, so I hated that we couldn't take a family picture. Other than that, we are just kicking back and enjoying the vacation. Here are some pics:
Abby and Jake goofing off

Got ready and all to take this one quick pic!
Not real sure about the sand and DID NOT want to be put down!! :(
Thought this was a sweet shot!
Being silly!
How many people does it take to make my babies SMILE!!! We'll see...........
Landry was FREEEZING all day and finally I put her in the hot tub for a few minutes and she really warmed up!
2 of the pools at Waterscape are zero entry and the kids really are having a blast!

She LOVED the ocean yesterday but it was overcast this morning and she was just a little too cold. Maybe tomorrow!
Holding my sweet little girl!
Maybe I'll post more later. Mom's computer uploads pictures a whole lot faster than Matt's, making this blog post go very fast. I like it:)


adrian seney said...

Sweet pictures. Glad you all are having a fun time!

dani said...

so much fun! so jealous of beachtime...kaden STILL has not seen one in real life! and you are look so good...your bathing suit is precious :)