Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

I am wishing my sweet baby girl a super 2nd birthday today! What a joy she has been in a lives. Her fiesty attitude makes up for her small frame. Right now she LOVES her mama and babydolls. She wants 2(but holds up 5 fingers when she sayd 2) babydolls for Christmas! She is very sensitive but also tough as she has to protect herself from her big brother. We love you so much Landry Grace!

Sporting her first "goose egg" that she recieved courtesy of the fireplace last night.

Being silly Monday night when we had dinner with daddy after his FCA golf tournament.


SND said...

What a joy she has brought into our lives! Love that baby girl so much. Love, Big Mama & Big D

Lora said...

TWO YEARS OLD!!!!!Wow how time has flown! She is so precious and there is something special about our daughters

Ryan said...

Awww! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Jared and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! That child is so beautiful! Gotta hate the goose eggs- OUCH!! Hadley had a small one the other day... of course it is right before you go to the pediatrician for a check up! I hate that!!