Thursday, December 24, 2009


Thought I would make up for lack of posts here lately and post some pictures that I thought were cute and wanted to share. The first is a professional picture we had taken at Barnes....we went to have pictures taken with Father Christmas(Santa Clause) and the one without Santa turned out best-go figure. But really, this is the BEST picture yet of the 3 of them together and smiling. I just absolutely love it! To risk copyright infringement, I just photographed the picture in the frame...this is not a scan-FYI.

This morning I was baking for Christmas day and turned around to find Landry Grace in my running shoes and just giggling. Had to bribe her to stay still while I went to get the camera. Will she be a runner...who knows.

And yes I bought her a princess potty over the weekend. Had great aspirations of training her during the Christmas break...NOTTA. She has no interest other than to sit on it put her hands in it. She threw a fit when I tried to put her in pull-ups. No big deal, just want her trained by August so that she can go to Montessori. We have time!
We had a play date Tuesday morning at Katie Hall's house. She has become a good friend over the past year and is such a great mom. I admire her for so many reasons. We did a snowman apple craft and here are our kids along with Harper Cauley showing off their masterpieces.
And last but not least I had to put this picture up from Jake's birthday morning. He loves sausages on a stick(this is not a corn dog but pretty similar) for breakfast.
Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones. May you remember the real reason why we celebrate: the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.