Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Polar Express!

We made it to the "North Pole" and back on the Polar Express last Sunday. It was a wonderful trip and well worth the time and $$! I will say that it is a long trip to Palestine...3 1/2 hours each way, but we broke up the trip by stopping in Bossier for lunch and then spent the night in Bossier on the way home. The train ride lasted only about 50 minutes but that was about perfect timing for our small children. There were about 10 cars on the train and each held around 50 people. We were on the 5:10 train...this time slot sells out first and then there is a 6:30 train and 8:15 train. The route goes from one depot to the North Pole, you see Santa and everyone waves and screams and if you are my mom: cries...she had a blast seeing Jake get so excited over seeing the North Pole and Santa. His window fogged up from him being so close to the window for so long. The look on his face when we got to our destination does not have a price tag...it was great! Landry Grace liked the train ride but still was a little young to catch onto much. Lots of adults had on their pajamas as well but we decided not to partake:) in that department! Once you get to the North Pole, Santa boards the train(there are 2 Santa's to ensure everyone gets to see him) and gives every child a bell. We were in the coach section of the train which is the lowest level and the only seats that were available when I called about tickets in the middle of November(you can start calling in January for the next year so call early if you want to go!). They also have First Class and climate controlled. I was a little nervous that the kids would be cold, but they were not and we were all fine. The tickets for FC are about $20 more per person and yes you have to pay for ages 2 and up so I would not recommend them for such a short ride...don't think it would really be worth it, in my opinion. So enjoy the pictures and Merry Christmas!!!

Family picture when we first got there....so glad mom came along to experience the whole trip and to take some pictures, that helped so much!!!

I love this picture of me and Landry Grace!
The train had just come into the station and they were both checking it out.

Another family picture on the train
He had JUST spotted the North Pole and I was SO glad I got his reaction on film...precious!!
Sweetness......most of the time!
Waving GOODBYE to the North Pole...
Receiving their bell from Santa.
I hear it RING mom!!
Had to post this one more time....not really. I loaded it twice on accident and couldn't figure out how to remove it.....!


dani said...

so awesome!! wish we had something like that around here...I'll have to do some research. What a super fun thing to do! kaden LOOOVES trains as well. glad yall had fun and didn't get chilly :) their pjs are super cute too...yall should've worn some too!!