Monday, October 5, 2009

Yay for October!

Quick post...nothing too big to report. I never have been big into Halloween, but with kids I have now found myself getting into it a little more. We bought about 10 pumpkins on Friday and decorated the flowerbed with them. The kids had a blast going to the pumpkin patch at The Townsend House and then we went to Super 1 to get the rest of them:)!

Last night we cooked pumpkin cookies and I let them wear their Halloween shirts. Below was a quick shot of them hugging one another. They have recently begun doing this and I could never get enough of them hugging. I suppose when they are older I will have this picture to remind them of when they loved to play together!

And tonight Katie, her mom, and sweet kiddos boo-ed us(sorry, we weren't supposed to know but they didn't leave out in time before we answered the door) and brought Jake and Landry Grace some fun Halloween treats. Looking forward to trick or treating this year! It will be a blast.

Last but not least LGT is doing great with her new hair cut. The first 2 mornings she got up earlier than normal because she could not comfort herself by pulling her hair. Other than that, we have had several "what is wrong with your child she has no hair" or " I cannot believe she cut her hair" looks. It's almost humorous to me! But this is another lesson I have learned: Do not judge until you have walked in her shoes. Lesson I should have learned a long time ago but was reminded of in our current circumstance. I shouldn't dwell on the negative because honestly I have had so many encouraging words from so many people and we are grateful for you. We are now certain that we did the best thing for her and she is doing wonderful.
Pardon the fingerprints all over the stove!

Jake......the picture says it all. He is AAAALLLL boy.
Landon giving Jake part of his boo-ed present. Of course they wouldn't stay still and I love that Katie brought Landon in his Halloween costume!! Who will we boo???
The girls: Landry Grace, me, Katie, and Kennedy


Lora said...

SHORT haircuts are the "Fashion Mecca"!

Hannah Lee said...

How cute is that! I have never heard of "boo-ing" anybody but that is a great idea. Plus I know the kids love getting in their customes early. Love the Halloween shirts. Hope I see you soon :)

Anonymous said...

LGT looks great! She will be fine because she is so loved. I read this today and thought you should know: Always be yourself, because those that matter won't mind, and those that mind, don't matter. Gives them something to talk about.

Chrome Cowgirl

Halls said...

cute pics!! L has the same shirt as Jake! too funny. I loved that i saw you several times this week!! ;)

Jared and Michelle said...

I loved getting "Boo-ed" and even better "Boo-ing" others. I missed out on it this year because I am staying home, but we did it at school. I never thought of doing it at home. I may just have to!! I love the pic of them hugging!! So Sweet!