Thursday, October 1, 2009

Landry Grace's New Do!

Well, we made it through our haircut this afternoon. Matt and I decided last week that we needed to do something drastic or she would continue to pull her hair indefinitely. I wasn't high on doing it at the salon downtown due to so many people being there and I thought I would be emotional about it, but God provided a safe haven in which I didn't have to worry about anyone else watching.

A friend that I graduated from high school with, Angie Taylor, does hair at home and our children go to MDO together. We ran into each other on Tuesday and as we were talking she said she could cut her hair if I'd like....God provides. And yet I haven't been emotional at all about the whole process since we just decided to do it. That doesn't mean that I didn't cry last week, but since the decision was made I never looked back. This truly has been a learning lesson for me in that I now realize what is truly important and that is Landry Grace's well-being.

Angie did a super job and so did LGT. Poor Angie had hair all over her floor as she had to shave it while Landry stood there but the cut turned out pretty good. Landry Grace did get a little frustrated on the way home when she realized she could no longer pulled it but that is going to happen for a little while.

I must say that although this might be trivial to some, when you are going through even minor issues such as this with your children it is all consuming. Perhaps the Lord is preparing me for something much bigger later in life or just around the corner. But that being said, I truly appreciate all of the comments, calls, FB messages and such. So thank you and your prayers have been felt. I cherish the friendships that have been made and made stronger through Internet and in-person.

And thanks again to Angie. Landry Grace will have your picture along with her hair in the baby book:)!!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

She looks darling!!! Oh what a sweet face! She can definitely pull off that look!!!

Hannah Lee said...

Such a beautiful and sweet baby-girl! I know it was hard, Suzanne, but it turned out great and I am hoping that this helps! Stay positive!

Marylou said...

She is absolutely precious with or without hair! What a great opportunity to teach her too that everyone is different and our best beauty comes from inside :)

Halls said...

Girl, that hair will grow back in no time!!! And she is still as precious as ever. You are such an amazing and inspiring woman and mother!!

Jared and Michelle said...

Your child looks like a supermodel! Lots of models wear their hair that way! She has such a beautiful face and it really shows! Hope things get better!

The Tylers said...

thanks to everyone! I truly appreciate your sweet comments:)