Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruston Buddies

Thought I would post something "uplifting" tonight to make up for my last dreary post! We have been on the go most weekends as fall is such a busy time of year. Thought I would post some pictures of our most recent happenings. These aren't the greatest but you get the idea.
On to more our happenings, we decided to put Jake at MDO since they had a spot for him. He will be going there 2 days a week just to have a change of scenery, learn some new things, and to be there the same days as his sister. Somewhere in all of this I told him he would be able to play in the gym while at MDO and he has been asking to go ever since. God love the teacher(Mrs. Melanie) that gets him tomorrow. He will ask about the gym until they get to go. And after I pick them up tomorrow we are headed to Barnes for LGT to model for a fairy shoot they have going on. I almost decided not to do it but thought "why not?". The fact that she doesn't have much hair on the left side of her head doesn't mean she isn't precious. So that will be something fun for her and I to do together. And just to brace you, we have decided to cut her hair. For a month I have firmly stated that I would never cut/shave it, but after doing research and talking to countless people, we feel that it is the only way to BREAK the habit. Everything else we're trying to do was masking hwe hair pulling for moments of time. So I have shed my tears and come to the conclusion that this is an obstacle we will get over and move on. Just had to say it.

Celebrating Landon Hall's 3rd fun watching the boys trying to "help" him open up presents.

Kennedy was having her 1st birthday party with her brother....this wasn't the best shot but they wouldn't stay next to each other for long. Sweet Kennedy looked precious in her little monkey dress that day!

Hannah Lee, Katie Hall, and me at the birthday party.
Me, Mandy Brown, and Jennifer Sexton. We went to Genusa's in Monroe Saturday night for Jennifer's and Ryan Madden's birthday. Would have gotten a few more shots but my camera battery went dead. Bummer. Thank God for good friends.
Patrick Sexton, Nick Brown, Ryan Madden, and Matt at Tech's first home game.
And we are looking forward to Tech's Wednesday night game against Hawaii. Should be a fun one.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Hey, that little girl will be adorable with short hair, no hair, blue hair, whatever! You gotta do what you gotta do!

Halls said...

you got some good shots from L and K's bday party! i love the one with the boys! Awesome seeing you last night. I vote that we need to have a 'girls' night soon!!