Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shower for Jenny

Today we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Jared "Camen" Stowell who is due to arrive in late October. Jenny(in the polka dots) looks amazing at 33 weeks! I was never one who did pregnancy well!!! She is doing a cowboy theme, hence the cake. Has anyone else seen the explosion is cakes these days? The bigger/more expensive/elaborate the better, or so it seems. What a business the cake industry has going. I am already thinking about the kids' birthday party in December and what we will do for a cake...better to think ahead of time and be prepared. Yet I have to come to the conclusion that the more expensive does not always mean better. Creativity is the key, I think. And yes, I already have a theme: Mickey and Minnie in celebration of our summer trip to Disney World. Did not mean to veer off the subject, I just got to thinking about cakes after today. Jenny's certainly turned out very cute!

Carrie, me, Katye, Jenny, Melody, Emily(pregnant with another girl), Lacey, and Julie(pregnant with a boy)


Hannah Lee said...

So cute! Love the cake and your friends polka-dot dress. Wonder where she got it?!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That cake is so cool! Oh my goodness!