Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Adventures

We have had an interesting day here in the Tyler household with no room for down time....!! Matt is in Annapolis at the LaTech game and currently headed to North Carolina for a pro football game tomorrow with the boss and co-worker. And while this trip has been planned for a while, it still is hard to go without Daddy's help for five days! My parents have been a huge help and I am thankful for that! And I certainly know it could be worse. Shouldn't complain but when you're in the midst, it is easy to have pity on yourself!
It was a pretty rough day early on as the babies were exhausted from Parent's Night Out last night and refused to take a nap this morning even though they fell asleep on the way home from the Tech cross country meet. I was at my breaking point when they finally went to sleep around 2 pm. I told Jake that I would take him to the pet store if he took a good nap. He slept for 3 hours so I had to follow-up on my promise. The pictures are out of order but there were a couple of cute shots so I thought I would share them with you.
Ready for daddy to come home. Starting to think this marathon training might turn into half-marathon training as we just have a lot going on right now. That was a random comment. Had a bad run this morning so I had to throw that out there....

Landry Grace loves the puppy dogs!

They loved looking at the gerbils.....the workers didn't think their screams were that cute...oh well!

When we got home from the CC NOT be fooled by their closed eyes...they did not stay asleep for long after this picture!
They LOVED the puppy dog at the park this morning! We were there to cheer on a former athlete of mine who was running in the race.
Before we left I thought I'd try to pose them for a picture. Jake cooperated. Landry: not so much:)!


Hannah Lee said...

What a full day! I can see why you are exhausted. We are fighting a different battle over here-- potty training! Say a prayer for a "cleaner" day :) See you soon.

Halls said...

awe! great pictures!! Looks like you survived!! We got a sleeping picture this past Friday as i am pulling up to take family pic for the church you can imagine, not one good pic turned out!