Monday, September 7, 2009

Road Trip and Labor Day

So sad that the holiday is ending, but we had a really good time taking Jake to Auburn this weekend and spending time with Landry Grace today while Jake spent some time with his Bossier grandparents. My mom tells me often how lucky we are to have so much help, and this I know. We truly are blessed with WONDERFUL grandparents on both sides who love to keep our babies. This I know and am so thankful for!
On to the trip...we left around 4:45 on Friday after school and headed east. We stopped to eat in Jackson and arrived in Montgomery around 11:45. Jake was a trooper and of course did great during the ride, but he was UP and ready to go by 6:45 the next morning. We headed out early and stopped at a sporting goods store to get Matt some shoes. We really thought the traffic was going to be bad and therefore wanted to get an early start. So we left for Auburn around 10am. Jake slept most of the way there and yes this was his ONLY nap during the day! No traffic that early but I heard it got bad around 2 or 3!
When we got to Auburn my cousin Chris had the "hook-up" for us as he rents a little apartment/hotel room for the season right on campus. So he had a parking spot for us and everything. We visited with the family for a bit and took off to check out the campus. May or may not have mentioned it before, but I did attend Auburn for part of my freshman year. I ran cross country there and decided to transfer to LSU-BR at midterm. It was a whirlwind year but I do have some memories is such a beautiful place! I do keep in touch with my Auburn roommate Brianne and teammate Lindsay. Bri is quite the accomplished triathlete!! Check out her sight if you have time.
So we saw the sights, I reminisced a little, had some lemonade at Toomer's corner(it's famous if you know anything about Auburn) and did a little tailgating with cousin Chris, who is an Auburn fanatic and graduate of the school along with my aunt and uncle. We made it to the stadium and Jake really did well for the most part. We had a few breakdowns but nothing major, and he stayed awake until the fourth quarter until he sacked out in the stroller.
We made it back to Montgomery about 10:15 and took our time leaving the next morning. Halfway home Jake starting screaming that he wanted to go to GiGi and Papaw's house, so when they brought Landry Grace over to Ruston yesterday Jake went back home with them .
This morning I did half mile repeats on the track (insane I KNOW!) with my running partners and spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing laundry, and spending time with Matt and LGT. We have teacher in service days on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I am looking forward to easy days as we head back to school tomorrow. Matt leaves Thursday headed for Annapolis to see LaTech take on Navy with some friends. Sure wish I could take a girl's trip!! Sorry for the long and detailed story...some people might like it. Sorry for any typos I didn't catch!

Jake with some of his Dyson side cousins: Jake, Will, and Luke
Jake with 2 little girls that befriended him at the tailgate. They were precious and played with him!
Me with my dad's older brother, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Liz, and cousin Chris
Had to take a picture in front of the Auburn sign and infamous bell tower at Samford Hall....without getting the bell tower in the picture:)!
Quick family picture before the game....needed to clean my lens but you can see the majority of the picture OK!
OK...I know I am partial but he is the cutest thing!

Had to include LGT in this blog! She posed and smiled for me....unbelievable! I was really starting to think I had scarred my children from the camera, but maybe they are turning over a new leaf....!!!
Landry Grace and her sweet self after eating barbecue with my parents for Labor Day.
Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Halls said...

I didn't know you attended Auburn! Fun fact! ;) Have a great week!

Jared and Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I can't wait to bring Hadley to an LSU game! Although I am sure the fun will be over after an hour of trying to entertain a little one in the 90 degree heat! Your little ones are so cute!!

BriGaal said...

So fun that you went to a game at Auburn! I'm always telling Marty that we HAVE to get down there sometime for a game. And great job with the 800's - track in the morning? Ugh.

Lora said...

WAIT- did Sandra cook BBQ????

SND said...

Mrs.Loralu , You know me all to well to cook on Labor Day. Why in the world would I do that when we have good BBQ restaurants in Ruston!!!!????