Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Farms and Football

Thought I would catch all of you who read our blog up on the latest! Where has October gone? This week I have found myself looking forward to Thanksgiving break and ordering birthday party invites(hello! Etsy has always been a site I liked but now I am addicted. All things Minnie and Mickey they have!)as December will be here oh so soon.
Anywho....back to last week. I took the kids last year to Papa Simpson's Farm in Arcadia. They only have tours once a month and during October they get to go to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins. We had so much fun (before the meltdown!!) last year that I made plans to do it again this year and bring Matt and my mom along. The Hall family also joined in the fun! The only thing I did different this year was pack some snacks and pb and j's(the frozen kind that are pre-made) and some extra juice boxes. Little did I think they would go for them. Well, that was the lifesaver and the reason for our meltdown last year. So the tour started at 10 and we left around noon from the farm. The tour last longer but we left out early. They petted all kinds of animals, gave a bottle to a calf, and even ran amongst the goats and tried to catch them. Jake was all about milking the cow but when he walked up to the cow's utters at the farm he was not a willing participant! You can google Papa Simpson's farm if you are interested in going. I highly suggest it as it is a good family activity!

That same afternoon we made it to the Tech homecoming game late....but better late than never. We waited for the babies to wake up from their nap and decided to take them with us to the game. Normally we get a babysitter since we are in close quarters with our fellow season ticket holders and only have 2 seats. Next year we will have to spring for 4 seats as the kids will be at the age that they can enjoy the atmosphere a little better....hmmmmmm! But we had a good time and the babysitter came AFTER the game to babysit while we went out with some friends.

And on to upcoming news....we are headed down to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Auburn game. We are tagging along with some friends and staying with family while Jake and Landry Grace will be in good hands with GG and Papaw. May I say it again how blessed we are to having loving and doting grandparents on both sides of our family, along with Aunt Lou. We do NOT take this for granted. Yes I used to be a little more protective when they were under the age of 1 but now...they would rather go with any grandparent than stay with us:). I don't blame them!

Have a great weekend!

Showing off their pumpkins at Papa Simpson's.

The trailer ride down to the farm.

Petting a baby goat with his buddy Landon Hall.
Landry Grace getting to sit in a seat all by herself while our neighbors went to the concession stand.

Just thought this was priceless. I truly tear up when I think about how FAST the last 3 years has gone by and how soon they will be in school.


SND said...

Oh, how I miss those sweet babies!!! So glad that you updated your blog while I am on this trip. Love to you all! Love, Mom

Pam G. said...

You are such a great mom suzanne! I love seeing your kids grow up. Looks like yall had a great time at Papa's. Sorry our school trip had to be postponed but I think it was a good call with the weather.

Pam G.

Karla and Edmond Long said...

It seems like just yesterday when I saw you at MC's wedding and you had just had Landry Grace. I can't believe how fast the grow!! Hope you are doing well!