Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and More!

The last two days have been filled with activity and fun. I never would have imagined that the kids would love the State Fair as much as they did. We got there around 10:30(they both fell asleep on the way over to Shreveport so that bought us some more time at the fair) and did not leave until 4. Everything from the livestock to the safari to the rides. They loved it all. When we first got there, Landry Grace exclaimed, " Disney World!". Not hardly, sweetheart. But they had a great time nonetheless!
In front of the pumpkin before we left and then below on one of the small roller coasters. All smiles.
Then we ran into their twin cousins, Kyleigh and Kaleb that afternoon. Jake just loves them!
Last night we headed to Nancy and Trotter Hunt's for a Halloween block party. There were at least 20 families in attendance but there was a lot of room and things to do. The kids had a blast in the alligator jumpee and in the backyard. We trick or treated on a trailer with a bunch of kids and then went off in a small group to trick or treat a little more. This was the first year for my kids to do this...they LOVED it! It was so much fun to see them bolt from house to house(with some safety precautions in there). These are the days, they really are!
Landry loves Woody. Whomever is dressed up as him. Last night it was Brooks Brown. She said, "I love Woody".
Some of the crew from the block party. It was a fun group.
With the Hall family setting out for round 2. Sorry it is out of focus....hate that!
There was a witch passing out candy so we saw this as a photo op.
Headed to our church's Fall Festival tonight. These costumes are ready for retirement!


Halls said...

great pics!!! You are so good about posting! I need to. And don't retire those costumes!!! Dress up times are great around here so i am sure your kids will get some more use of them!

Katie Best Clark said...

Your kids were so cute, Suzanne! Had fun with y'all!

SND said...

Forgot to mention that you did 22 mile run in between the "fun times"!! To be young again!!