Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Week!!

We have had a fun week with Halloween festivities. Monday afternoon we carved a pumpkin for the first time and the kids thought it was the best activity ever. They have loved lighting the pumpkin in the evening and watching it "glow". Tuesday we headed up to the Tech student center for a Halloween event put on by the sororities and fraternities. It was fun and I am glad that we went, but it also made me realize that the events I had planned on going to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were just too much. We are still planning on "partying" Saturday at a neighborhood party and Sunday at church but can do without Friday!

Matt has been pretty busy with work since he hasn't been in the field since early June. He seems to be getting back into the swing of things and gathering a routine. A big thanks to my mom who has been a trouper since her surgery and helped me out a lot this week. This includes cooking for us tonight(thanks Mom!)while Matt had a dinner with some doctors in Monroe. Tomorrow I am taking a personal day from school and we are going to the State Fair as a family. Haven't tackled the fair since 1995 and things have changed slightly since then so we'll see how it goes. The savings of going on a week day are well worth the drive if you have any desire to go. It's free before 3pm with the exception of a $10 wrist band to ride all the rides. The kids are excited and so are we!

Here we are cutting the pumpkin. Jake loved loved loved doing this.

The pics are backwards...can't figure out how to reverse the order on my Mac.
At the Halloween festival at Tech on Tuesday. Sorry for all the pictures of myself.....
Jake and Tech
LG posing by our jack-o-lantern
Everyday they wanted to pose by their creation. I resisted the urge to post the daily pics!
We hope you have a safe Halloween. Be back soon!!