Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring On Fall!

This weekend was cool enough to inspire me to get into my flower beds. I got rid of my spring flowers and am taking a chance with mums this year. The ones pictured are going to be red, hopefully! We are showing off our Tech pride in the picture below. LG decided to pose for me since she had her uniform on. Anyone need an 18 month old cheerleader outfit? I keep telling her it's time to put it away. Someone please come and get it!

Wal-Mart had pumpkins out on Friday so we stocked up. I think it creates a festive look and minimal upkeep.
Jake was at karate during these pics and Landry Grace has now learned to drive the tractor. Watch out!
Happy Fall y'all!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Your yard looks perfect for fall! Very inspiring. =)

adrian seney said...

LG is the sassiest tractor driver I have ever seen!! She's a cutie! I noticed your pumpkins the other day....looks great!

SND said...

That uniform fits her perfect even if it is 18 months. Wait one more year as it looks darling on her!! So says her Big Mommy!!

The Dugdale Family said...

LG looks so old in those pictures...precious!