Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Earlier, as I was typing on my blog, I caught Jake playing with his sister. They were NOT posed and I caught them in the act. How cute are they.....right after this Jake ripped off Landry's band aids(where she had gotten her shots earlier today) and she started screaming. I gave her some motrin and she took a good nap bless her heart!


Lora said...

Was Landry pulling Jake's hair? This is just the "Beginning" of the brother/sister fun to come!

Hannah Lee said...

Suzanne! Those pictures of Landry snoozing are hilarious! It's amazing what those sweet ladies at church can do with our children. They have magical powers, I swear! I wish we had something like Gymboree around here so I could take Jackson. That looks like too much fun! Jake is precious! Love the blog!