Saturday, June 14, 2008

Full Day

Landry found her favorite spot on daddy's tummy! We felt she was telling us it was time for a nap(and she slept for 3 hours!)
Jake LOVES the pool shower and I thought this picture captured the moment!
His first reaction to the sand. What is this stuff????
My precious baby being laid back...before she discovered the sand:)
Ending our first full day and going in for dinner.

Our first full day in Pensacola went well and the babies just went down...I am not too far behind them!!! Jake and Landry have runny noses and coughs but we are making due. It happened last year to Jake as well so maybe these colds just come with the beach! They coughed and tossed all night. We started the morning early, which worked out well because we were at the beach by 7:55(!!!!) and Landry was back in the room by 8:30:).

She did love the beach for about 5 minutes, but once she discovered the sand it was all down hill. Jake ended up loving the beach and we stayed there and at the pool all morning. He is really good at entertaining himself and had a ball. We ended up at the pool this evening and Landry lasted about an hour until it was time to go up to the room. She also loves the water!

Overall it has been a really nice trip. It is just hard when the babies are this young due to naps and feeding times. Since they are so close we get it all over with in one swoop:). When they get a little older it will be nice to pack up an ice chest and spend 2-3 hours at a time on the beach. For now we will settle for the fun times we have, even if we have to do it in spurts! I have down loaded all of the pictures taken so far on our photo web site. Yet I had to post the pictures I thought were worth YOU viewing.


Lora said...

I am glad you all having such a great time. The children are precious "Little Beach Bums"!

Laura Lancaster said...

there's still time to come with us next week! Jake would love the water park at our condo place! :)