Sunday, June 8, 2008

Green Beans!

My sweet baby girl will be 6 months old on Tuesday and it already makes me sad at the milestones she has hit because she is growing up TOO FAST! Tonight she sat in a restaurant highchair, we got rid of the baby bathtub and she is in the safety seat(plus it gave Jake a lot more room to move his big self around in the tub since we bathe them together!), and she also sat in the wagon alone(with the seat belt around her of course) for the first time yesterday. So it makes me sad to think of all these firsts as it was yesterday she was a newborn. I am not super sure that we are done having babies, but this might be our last round so I want her to slow down....I know it's not going to happen.

My precious Landry is all smiles!

This afternoon I had neglected to go to the grocery store to get her some vegetables. The only veggie I had to give her were green beans. I had never introduced them to her, but she didn't do well with peas so I figured it might not be good. Nonetheless there was no time better than the present to give them a try. I had the camera ready because the faces she makes are priceless.
Here she was all fine and dandy with her toy before we got started. She had no idea what to expect!
We got through a couple of spoonfuls in but none went down...she finally gave me this gag action and I felt sorry for her and called it quits. She did eat an entire jar of bananas when she figured out they weren't green beans! I also went to the store shortly thereafter and bought plenty of yellow vegetables:).


Lora said...

FUNNY! Peas gag me too!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Love the pictures- they are priceless!