Friday, June 20, 2008


We had a get-together tonight for some friends of ours, Jay and April Barton, who are moving to Pennsylvania for a job. We will truly miss them!!!!
I was on my way to a shower when I realized just how late I was(Jake had woken up late from a nap and he was with me as well)going to be, so we turned around and went to eat with our group of friends. Ginny Dean Nolen, who I work with at Parkway and went to college with, is having her second little girl, Mary Elizabeth, in August...there are a million people due in August & September it seems(SOOOOO glad I am not one of them!!. Sorry I missed her shower:(!

The family!
Jay and April Barton
Jared with Landry who is showing off her two bottom teeth
Everyone hanging out