Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are heading home has been a great vacation and the children really did great!!! But it is time to head west and go back to our home sweet home! We had some pretty fun adventures over the past couple of days worth mentioning!

Yesterday mom and I were out strolling when we came across the bike rentals. So we hopped on and the kids fell asleep almost immediately as you can see below:

So we kept going and going. I figured they would not go back to sleep if we stopped and unloaded them, so we kept biking and let them sleep. BIG MISTAKE...not long after we turned around sissy woke up and started cranking it up(aka crying). I peddled as fast as I could but it wasn't fast enough:(. She cryed so hard she couldn't cry anymore. When I picked her up out of the bike seat, she was FINE. She wanted to smile so bad, but kept sniffling and sticking her lip out. Bless her heart! We went straight upstairs and she took a good nap. So much for them sleeping the whole time!! It was a great story though!
When they were still sleeping......
Last night we decided to take our beach pictures. Now last year I decided to hire a photographer. I decided against doing that this year for several reasons: Matt and Landry were last minute and did not know if I could arrange for someone to take them last minute and B: I did not want the added stress if being somewhere at a certain time with 2 babies. another BIG MISTAKE. We should have hired someone. And we will from now on. Did not get any great ones but they will do(or they will have to!!!) So here are a few snap shots and all of them are on our photo website.
Cameron(Laura's 10 year old) was a lifesaver the past couple of days. Jake LOVED playing with him and Landry was all smiles when he was in the room!!
Mom and Dad with almost all the grands! Nicholas(14) and Abigail(10) are currently traveling to Universal Studios in FL with my brother Brian and couldn't make the trip.

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful trip and most of all for the memories!


Jessica Stephenson said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I love the pictures on the beach. Hope you have a safe trip home.

Lora said...

Doesn't your Mom & Dad look great in the beach picture. I loved the biking story!