Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diaper Derby

We had a lot of fun yesterday at the Diaper Derby in Ruston. Tried to get a picture before the festivities but Jake had other things in mind! Landry did great throughout the whole ordeal, even though it was her lunch time.

Jake getting ready to go through the hoops. He won the first round although I almost disqualified him by not listening to instructions. Go figure...never have been good at following directions!!! The next round ended early as Jake decided he wanted to go see the tricycles that were meant for the older kids race. He had NO interest in going through the hoops again. He was darling though and that is what matters:).
Jake playing with his cousin Abby at the Holiday Inn pool...or whatever name that hotel has(it will always be the Holiday Inn to me! We used to eat there every Sunday with my grandparents growing up)
Jake has to do everything himself nowadays and yesterday wanted to pick up the piece of blueberry pie and eat it. We are working at the fork but he just hasn't learned not to turn it before it gets to his mouth!
We happened to get Jake on the couch for this quick picture before he was off to do 10 million other things!

Matt left yesterday as he had to umpire 2 baseball games today and we decided to stay until this afternoon. We are meeting him in Minden later today. Had a great time visiting with Abigail as she thoroughly enjoyed playing with the babies. She will be in 6th grade in the fall. It was like yesterday when she was born...I had just graduated from high school! We just got back from Family Day in the park and I will post some of those pictures later.


Lora said...

Cannot believe Abigail has gotten so big! I know she enjoyed seeing her precious cousins.

Julie said...

I heard your arms were really long at that diaper derby. hate that I missed it. i was in the wall of humans in the civc center and could not get out... It was insane!! You can start Landry's training for next year :)

HipShooter said...

Your babies are beautiful. I think about all you girls from the team every morning when Molly and I are going for our morning run; honestly, it's probably every other morning! Glad you're doing well!

Hannah Lee said...

Well, our boys gave it their best shot! There is always next year :) It was so good to see you and the fam! I am so glad I got to hold Landry. She is precious! Hope we can see each other again soon!

The Tylers said...

Yes they were really long...I just do not listen!!!
So good to hear from you Lauren!