Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Lunch

Matt's dear Aunt Lou cooked dinner for us after church today and it sure was yummy! She just moved back out to the country to live with Mark(Matt's brother) and is going to start cooking every Sunday. This is the house that Matt and I lived in when we were first married. We don't go out there much since we moved, but now that Aunt Lou is back we will be there more often. Everyone needs an Aunt Lou!! She never had any children of her own, so Matt and Mark are like her own children. She is so sweet to us and we love her dearly!!!

Aunt Lou, Jake, Papaw, Mr. Wes(family friend and neighbor), Matt and Mark
Landry and Jake asking their dad why I am taking SO many pictures
Quick picture
Landry is all smiles with her #1 fan...DADDY!
Landry is already trying to get into everything that is Jakes! She is rolling over both ways very efficiently these days and trying to grab everything. She got on her knees for a second last night, so it might not be long before she is crawling:).


Lora said...

Wow, I wish someone would cook for me every Sunday! As always your children are SO CUTE!