Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beach Bound

We fly out tomorrow morning at 8am and are getting ready for Pensacola. On Monday, Matt decided to take off work and come with us. So Landry will have her first trip to the beach sooner than we thought! It should be fun and we are only staying 3 nights...that is PLENTY at this point with them. When they get a little older we might stay a little longer;). Mom and dad left this morning and are driving straight to Pensacola and we will meet them tomorrow. They do have free internet access so I may try to update while we are there. Enjoy the quick pics I took this morning...I am in the process of getting them dressed for Mom's Day Out. Thank goodness so I can run some errands!!

Landry always has to see what big brother Jake is doing. Mostly with a smile on her face...too busy sucking her fingers in this picture.
Thought this hat was too cute plus she needed one!!!


Lora said...

Camille started going to the beach at 6 weeks old. They are never to young to smell that ocean breeze. ENJOY, your time together!

I LOVE the big fat floppy hat!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Have fun at the beach! We have to wait until next month, so I'm envious of everyone who gets to go before us. Can't wait to see pictures!