Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little to Say

There has been little going on this week worth posting, so I haven't! I am working at our church's VBS and Jake and Landry have been going to the nursery. We did not have MDO this week due to VBS, so I said yes when asked to volunteer and it has been going pretty smooth. The kids come home and take good naps(or have so far) and I get a chance to lay down too! We also had Jake's Gymboree class this afternoon and Matt got home early to keep Landry. This weekend we plan on going to Ruston so that Jake can participate in the Peach Festival diaper derby. His age category has to go through hula hoops or something to that extent. It will be fun and give the babies a chance to meet their cousin, Abigail, who will be with my parents next week.

Lately I am in mourning about the reality of going back to work:(. The longer I am at home the more I hate the fact that I am going back. I do love the people I work with, but I really would rather be at home. Jake will be going to Asbury Ark Academy in the fall and Landry will be at a local day care. We are trying to work out a way where she may can stay in MDO if we find someone to keep her before and after...I am working on it! Then next year she will be with Jake at Asbury. Her eating when she is away from home is still poor and that worries me about full time daycare. I am afraid they won't work with her like they do at MDO, plus she will be walking come January and the room at the daycare is TINY. I should have thought about this earlier b/c Jake was in the same room last year, but didn't! When I called FBC-Bossier, they told me it was a year and a half wait(yes you heard right!). She has been on the daycare list she will attend since last June so I shouldn't have been surprised, all the lists around here are that long. Oh well, I suppose it won't be the end of the world if she goes to daycare...yes it will!!! Here are a few snap shots I MUST add:)
Jake and Landry love their bath time and Landry is really into the toys now that she is in her bath seat!
They woke up from their nap together yesterday and Jake wanted to love on his little sis
I will NEVER get tired of seeing them smile at each other....it melts my heart every time!!!


Lora said...

We ALL agnonize over working & leaving our babies. Cute pics & I am REALLY looking forward to seeing "Diaper Derby" pics!

Hannah Lee said...

Jackson will be participating too! I can't wait to see the boys do this! It is going to be hilarious! Can't wait to see yall!

Julie said...

Yay! Diaper Derby is sooo much fun. Will refused to crawl in it, he didn't like eveyone yelling and clapping so he just sat and cried. I'll have to make sure I stop by there while I'm in.

Jessica Stephenson said...

Maybe we'll see you around this weekend. My heart feels for you; the thing I dread most about going to work in the morning is leaving the boys. At least you have the summers off- I would love to have that!