Friday, June 13, 2008

We Made It!

Our plane arrived around 11:30am and we survived the trip with few meltdowns. Landry slept most of the way and Jake did fine once I was able to get the snacks out! Our layover in Houston was only 35 minutes, so we barely had time to make it to the gate before boarding for Pensacola. That worked out nicely!

I have NEVER flown to the beach, so this is a new experience! But thanks to frequent flyer miles it makes traveling with children much easier. Dad drove up just as we walked out with our luggage and the place where we are staying is SUPER nice!!! We have Landry's pack n play in the closet and rented a crib for Jake and have put that next to our bed. We thought the condo had 2.5 baths but turns out to have 3.5... very nice(who would've ever thought I'd get excited about bathrooms!).We should have a nice stay!

I did enclose a picture of before we boarded the plane and then once we arrived. The last picture was taken around the same time last year in Gulf Shores...I was 16 weeks pregnant with Landry. We do plan on taking beach pictures again and I hope they turn out!!! Stay tuned, I have to go put my babies down for their naps.


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The kids look so happy to be there. Glad the airport experience was a good one. Have a fun time!