Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good Times

Had a great weekend thus far as we headed to the pool yesterday afternoon. I had to get a picture of them in their matching swimsuits! For those who think I go a little overboard in the matching outfit department, I totally agree with you:)(and so would my mom)! But I won't get to do this very long as Jake will grow out of the jon jons and smocked outfits too soon. So I figured that because they are 360 days apart, I am entitled to go a little overboard and I LOVE to dress them alike(if you can't tell!!!)

Jake wasn't too happy in this picture because he wanted to go play!
He thought the shower was a lot of fun!
Landry enjoying the water....I think she will love the water like her brother
Jake playing with Ella Turner(Jay and Ashley's little girl) at the pool

We ended up planning a dinner date with the Turners last night and met them for dinner after we put the babies down(thanks Aunt Lou for watching them!). We had planned to go to Superior but you can imagine the line on a Saturday night...only for the young! So we ended up at the Oyster Bar and Grill and it was really good. After some much needed adult conversation that did not include "we need a high chair" and " don't throw that" and without any screaming for what was on momma or daddy's plate, we went for ice cream. We had a good time but did not go to bed until 11. Whew that was late but worth it. The kids slept until almost 7 thank goodness!!!
We went to eat(yes again I know!!) after Sunday school and the children were a lot cleaner before we left the house, but that is what they make spray and wash for! So here we are just before our Sunday afternoon nap. Yes I took one as well!


Lora said...


Deb said...

Suzanne...your children are just adorable! I always knew you would be the best Mama ever...even way back in 1988.

The Tylers said...

What can I say...I thought it was over the top until I had a little girl:). She made me change my mind on a lot of things!!!!!

The Tylers said...

Mrs. Deb,
Good to hear from you! Hope Josh is doing well!!!!

BriGaal said...

My mom used to dress me and my sisters alike all the time! Since I was the youngest I could care less, but the oldest really hated it. She even went so far as to make sure we had the exact same outfit for the same grades - so I had to wear what Heather wore when SHE was in first grade, second grade, etc. Even I wised up by the time I was 7 or 8 and put a stop to that one! Anyways, I think it's way cute when kids are dressed alike :)