Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holy Cow!

Matt's Aunt Lou is moving back out to "the country"(where we lived for the first 2 years of our marriage) so Matt and his brother Mark spent the day helping her move. I brought lunch out to them and we took the babies to see the cows. Matt, Mark and their dad have about 60( I think but could totally wrong!) Brangus cows on 40 acres in Benton. It really is a beautiful place but really far out. Jake and Landry each have their own cow thanks to Aunt Lou and when the cows are sold at auction, the money will go into their college fund. Taking it all in!

Jake was not sure of them at first and was clinging to Uncle Mark

Here is Landry's cow...she just kept walking although I had asked her kindly to stop

Our sweet family

Matt will be leaving again tomorrow morning for his company's national meeting in San Diego for an entire week. Although I would not trade being home with my babies for 8 months, sometimes I think it would be pretty cool to have all the perks his job gives him!


Lora said...

When they get old enough to know-never give the cows a name, they will not want to part with them! Looks like a fun outing.