Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I have so much to be thankful for on this Mother's Day and we started out early as Jake awoke with the sunrise! He heard the birds and wanted to go outside, so I snapped this shot right after he woke up. I cannot help but think(and yes I am biased!) he is the most precious boy in the world. The only way I could get him back inside was to tell him it was time to eat! Sweet Landry slept in a little bit and joined the family at 7. Normally the roles are reversed with Landry waking up around 6:30 and Jake sleeping a little later. And just the time I thought I might get to sleep until 7, I heard Jake yell(yes he yells from the crib). Oh well, maybe another day. Yet we do put both babies down at 7pm every night, so I really cannot complain about them not sleeping. If I have any advice for parents, it is to get a video monitor before you get anything else!! I love to watch her wake up in the morning and roll around and entertain herself. We also have one for Jake and I can watch them both as the TV we have has 2 channels and I just switch the channel to see each child. It is absolutely the only item I cannot live without...just my humble opinion.

After church we went to eat and had a good time visiting with family. Jake has figured out that it is much more fun running around the dining area than it is eating. There was way too much going on for him to be concerned with eating. Our sweet neighbor Holly was gracious enough to stay with Landry while she took a nap. If you know me at all you would say I am not a structured person, yet I am so very different with my children!!! To the extreme. I can't help it because it makes life so much easier on a routine! So she missed dinner but got a great nap:). Below are some snap shots of our lunch.


Lora said...

I KNOW your Mom loved her Mother's Day being with your sweet children!