Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Don't you love those days when everything goes like clockwork. Your children wake up when they are "supposed to" and eat everything on their plate or in their bottle. They rarely ever happen, but when they do it's great. Yet on the other hand, it's the challenge of problem solving that makes us better parents.

Today has NOT been one of those days so far! Jake woke up before 6 am and has been on the prowl ever since. He has resorted back to thinking he is 9 months again as he insisted on sitting in the bumbo(that he was always too pudgy to fit in...but Landry does great in it!) and I attempted to set him on the counter while I made brownies. Not a good idea! After attempting to grab EVERYTHING on the counter, he was finally satisfied with a book.

Jake trying out his new book

Landry gets tickled when Jake gets upset! It is hilarious....he cries and she laughs.

Noe Jake is satisfied and Landry is upset!

How quickly their moods change.

Hope all of you have a great Thursday and we will as well!


Ben Clark said...

Miss you CT. Hope everything is going well. Your kids are hilarious and adorable!

Lora said...

Shades of things to come-little sister loving big brother's misery & vice versa. Days like this-you just say and this too shall pass.