Friday, May 30, 2008


Matt made it home around 4:30 and he took the babies for a joy ride to the post office so I could have a few minutes of down time. And while there are a million things to do around the house, it is so relaxing to just sit here and type!
We have had a crazy last 24 hours but we survived. Landry has a virus according to the dr. and there is nothing I can give her for it. She did sleep most of the day yesterday and seems to be feeling better today. Jake has been itching to be outside and we just got in from a 2 hour playdate with Ben. They had a blast in his little pool and I love that he loves the water!
I know that Sex in the City starts tonight and although I was not a fan of the tv show, I think it will be fun to watch. So those who are going please let me know if it is worth seeing! We plan on staying low this weekend, maybe working in the yard(let me restate that: Matt working in the yard), and maybe a trip or two to the pool.
Here are a few snapshots from yesterday and today:

Jake getting the hang of the popsicle!

Jake and Ben having a ball in the pool. Jake finally got the hang of the slide and went down it atleast 50 times!

My babies goofing around!

How sweet is this!

Getting ready to go to nappy's house with his blankies(I know but it works!)


Lora said...

Send Jake outside with Matt and give him a little shovel. All boys love to dig!