Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Trip

Jake would not leave the restaurant without my quesadillia

How's this for a pose!

Jake loves playing ball with Boudreaux!

Had to get some close ups of my sweet Landry Grace

So I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to go visit my folks. We only live a little over an hour away and it has been over a month since I had been to Ruston. So we loaded up late yesterday afternoon and headed east. We first ran into construction traffic and it took 25 minutes to go 5 miles:). Both kids were making noise-Jake was yelling in excitement of the video and Landry was crying because Jake was yelling. So by the time I got 25 minutes down the road I was already wondering to myself WHY! But we made it and met mom and dad at one of my favorite restaurants in Ruston, The Log Cabin(yes we love to eat out...what can I say!).

Last night was a different story as Jake is much more aware of his environment and didn't go down very easily. He then woke up at 1 am and then for good at 5:45. Boy it has been a long day. Landry rolled over at 4:45 and I could hear her "talking" so I went and rolled her back on her stomach and she slept until almost 7. Thank goodness one of mine slept good. Yet we had a great time visiting home and I forget how much I like the setup in Ruston. I can go anywhere in town and be back in 20 minutes(yes that includes Wal-Mart).

I am currently waiting on Jake to wake up from his nap so that we can head back home as Matt gets in this evening(only to leave tomorrow for New Orleans). I sure am ready to get back to my house and relax this evening.


Lora said...

Cute pictures of your Mom & Dad & the kids. You would not be Sandra's daughter if you didn't like to go out and eat!

Jessica Stephenson said...

We must have passed each other on interstate! I had a doctor's appointment in S'port. My mom went with me and we did a little shopping and ate at Cantina Loredo- pretty good.