Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 3!

We had another great day yesterday as Matt had to work the morning shift at his convention. I decided that I was going to relax by the pool for a couple of hours. Matt got back just as I finished getting ready and we rented a car so that we would be free to drive around and see the sights. We first went to a shopping outlet that was on the border of Mexico. You could see the actual border, big Mexican flag, etc. Pretty neat but we were told not to go because it was dangerous right now. So we did our damage at the Polo and Gymboree outlets and were back in the car headed to Fashion Valley mall. Matt gets a company present each year for Christmas and the last two years they have been from Tiffany's. The presents have been wine glasses and a decanter-which we don't need-so we sent them back and recieved gift cards. So yesterday we went to the Tiffany's store and bought my first Tiffany's bracelet and I love it! Then we headed up the coast to Torrey Pines golf course where they are having the US (golf) open this year. Matt wanted to check it out and get some golf balls and shirt. After that we gradually made our way back to Coronado and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Great day but I miss my babies terribly and am ready to go home today. My flight leaves in about 3 hours and I am about to get a run in so excuse my typos as I am in a hurry!!


Lora said...

So glad you trip has been restful and relaxing! Every Mom needs a break occassionally!